Friday 30 July 2010

Wasn't I supposed to leave?

Still no fuel.
Don't you think that's cruel?
Greece, you're a touristic jewel.
But also an insensitive mule.
Should you look up the definition of 'rule'?
Yes, I think you should, you heartless tool.
What are you trying to do?
Perhaps I should sue?
Yeah, but who?

(The sound that accompanies this Greek gesture is 'nah' - which basically means 'fuck you you fucking wanker'. Yes, this is the parliament building in the background.)
(PS: Count the syllables in each line of the poem. Notice anything?)
(PPS: If on Monday I post again, it means I'm still here. Ugh.)
(PPPS: Who wants a margarita, made by moi? I make 'em GOOOOD. I used to run a bar. Yes, I did. I bet you didn't know that, huh, huh?
And I used to like to make broom broom noises while I was actually riding a motorbike - you'd think the real thing was enough, I know.)

Question for ya: What is the first sign of aging?
My answer: When 20 somethings stop gawking, but 60 somethings do. Ugh.

How about you? What's your answer?


  1. I knew I was aging, slowly but surely, and I was fine with it. Until one day (not long ago), I woke up and noticed in the mirror a crease in my cheek left by the pillow. Two hours and two cups of coffee later, washing my hands I looked up into the mirror...and it was still there. WTF??

    And yes, I'd love a margarita. Just let me finish my first cup of coffee, and I'll be ready :D

    Hope the fuel sitch resolves fast. Hang in there!

  2. OMG, I love your answer!! But I have to say: wrinkles. And turning thirty. For me, once you are thirty, you are "old" (guess whose turning thirty in just 3 days?). It's all down hill from thirty. That's just me, of course. ;-)


  3. Margarita for me please!!!!

    I choose not to answer your question... Hmm maybe that means something about how I feel about aging?

  4. Sorry you have no own tank was on E last night and I had to stop and put a few dollars in so hubs could get to work...he was going to fill up 'out there' because it's been so much cheaper.

    First sign of aging: Denial. The girls who are still wearing the too tight/too short/too plunging.

    I'll take a jumbo marg, please

  5. I like your definition of aging!
    For me it was the first time I said, after leaning over a bathtub full of kiddies, "My back is stiff."

  6. I wouldn't know, I'm so young:) LOL.

  7. I knew that age was not on my side was when my children was telling me what was best for me instead of vice versa.


  8. After an afternoon of sitting on the grass enjoying a picnic lunch, I got up hunched over my back aching. That’s when I knew I was getting older. SIGH

  9. Enjoy yourself. I'll be on vacation, too. I'll think of you.

    First sign of aging: couldn't tell you. I'm 29 forever, so I'm not getting older. Hee...

  10. First sign of aging? Forgetfulness.
    Wait, what was the question?

  11. Sorry to hear you're still stuck without fuel...hopefully that changes soon. While you're still here though, I'm definitely in line for one of those margaritas!

    I knew I was getting old when I started creaking more than my floors.

  12. The first sign of aging for me was when I realized I'd rather stay in than go out, and not because I had to.

    The only thing I notice about your wonderful poem's syllables is that they resemble the shape of your hands while you make that fuck you you fucking wanker symbol. Also I didn't realize they swore in British/Aussie slang in Greece, but that's aweomse!

    Today's guest blogger is Rose Cooper!

  13. For me it all equates to eating. It's when the word Buffet is no longer appealing. It's when I no long read the fun part of the cereal box but the nutritional value section instead.

  14. For me the signs of aging usually have to do with aches and shooting pains that appear for no reason at all. *sigh*

  15. I'd like a couple margaritas please. We could sit, waiting for gas to arrive (so you can go on your vacation) and drink while we discuss the signs of aging...which for me would have to be the appearance of my crow's feet eyes and the inability to stay up all night to write. Ugh.

  16. "Old" is always 15 years older than what I am. Arbitrary? Sure, that's what makes me a male human.

    Just look back at the beauty and the fun you had while in Greece. Paradise is always short-lived.

    Just ask Adam and Eve.

    Have a great weekend. I'm off to be Pony Express for rare blood again, Roland

  17. Hmm, the first sign of aging is when my 13 year old cousin think's I'm really old because I remember the first time Take That were a band. Her eyes almost bulged out of her head when I told her Kylie was a popstar when I was 8. lol.

  18. hi miss jessica! the poem is cool. i counted and its neat how you did 1,3,5,7,9,11, and backwards down to one. thats gotta be pretty hard to do. i dont know yet about old age stuff. i guess when you get wrinked up youre pretty old. sorry your holiday got messed up because of fuel. i hope you get going real soon.
    ...hugs from lenny

  19. Funny. For me aging is when the 9 year old son sees me run and wants to race because he thinks he can win--not this week, but it will be soon.

  20. Ha! You write fun-ly. Glad I wandered by.

  21. It's OK Jessica, when you are fifty you stop worrying about wrinkles, because your time is spent holding up your boobs!

    Hope all goes well over there and you get your hols.

  22. First sign of aging: I realized I had a small amount of patience!

  23. LOVE the poem, and very clever on the syllables! Sorry you're still stuck!

    As for old... I noticed the gray hair first, but the way the skin around my eyes sags when I first get up in the morning bothers me a lot more.

  24. Old is when your high school student asks if you went to sock hops when the class is studying the 50's.

    Dude, my parents weren't even born then. Whatever.

    So yes, I'd like a margarita!

  25. When my friends tell me that they are old and I realize I am the same age.

  26. When you go to the doctor's office and wonder if they're another Doogie Howser.


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