Tuesday 6 July 2010

Interview with Jennifer Daiker!!!

Yay! Finally you are being interviewed, Jen! About (@*#%) time! (oh wait … didn’t you get interviewed by Justine Dell once?)

I was a guest blogger for the lovely Justine Dell but never have been interviewed! It is quite the honor *blushng* so thanks for having me!

Okey dokey let's get started...
1. You say you write fantasy, but after reading your WIP summaries, I realized that they primarily explore the reality of human ideals and values, yet you sprinkle them with the essence of the paranormal. Do you have reasons for doing this? Can you explain them for us?

All of my current works explore human ideals and values. I think it’s important to learn a little more about yourself through each novel you read. Since human values are very important to me, my stories normally revolve around what my MC truly values.
 The Traveler’s is a paranormal fantasy novel. Working with the in-between and an alternate universe can be tricky, especially on top of trying to find a killer and having the MC discover a little more about what makes them tick. But again, human ideals and values come into play when she is forced to make a difficult choice.

Stella’s Story - Getting to Peloria is a historical fantasy novel. This story doesn’t have any paranormal elements, it is just a story about a girl who finds herself wondering what life would be like without rules, without social status and what it’s like to fall in love. This story has a few twists and turns but overall is just a fun light read for a teenager.
The Collector, an adult novel, is another story that is entirely different from the first two. The MC is a serial killer, and he begins to question his own human values when it comes tothe victims. But just to give you a spoiler, the killer does not become soft in the end; he must kill until he is caught.

2. Which authors inspire you? Who do you read over and over again until the pages are torn and why? And do you cherish little phrases, and mark them in the margin with a pencil (like me) just to go back and admire the beauty of the words? If not, what little idiosyncratic attributes do you possess when you read?

Hmm inspiring authors, I would have to say Sharon Shinn and J.K. Rowling inspire me the most. I would say they are inspiring because they too explore human values, bringing what’s most important to them to the page.

For Sharon Shinn I read The Truth Tellers Tale (you know I love!) and Castle Auburn again and again because the world and characters she creates are beautiful and well thought out. Each of her characters discover their own human values as the stories move forward, just like each of my characters do.

J.K. Rowling’s descriptions of her alternate world strive me to be better and more detailed when creating mine. Granted I don’t plan on having seven instalments of the series I create but reading her works allows me to better develop the worlds I create, make sure I answer any questions a reader might have later on, but might not necessarily make it in the book.

I’m not much for marking phrases in books but if you come to my house you’ll know which are my favorite by the worn out pages.

3. Congratulations on finishing Stella’s story! That must feel like such a relief to have finished that first draft. What are you going to do now? Will you edit it, or leave it to sit for a while and work on something else? I, for one, believe letting something sit is highly beneficial. Do you believe that? Why?

Thank you! I was very excited to finish and I can already tell my writing has improved quite a bit from writing The Traveler’s. I have since printed out the novel and put it in my three ring binder along with all the collages that go with it. The hubs is the first to read it, get his initial impression (He only knew the synopsis for it) I asked him to use post-it’s for things he didn’t like, questions that arose, and parts he really liked.

He finished this morning and had some very helpful thoughts and overall enjoyed the book. Now the hard part comes, I’ve forced myself to wait three days before reading it. Normally I grab it and immediately start revisions but this one will have to rest, at least for three days. I think it’s important to have a fresh and open mind, it helps you find your confusing pieces and mistake’s more easily.

(three days?! Wow that’s quick. I let mine sit for weeks! But again, I’m slow, remember?)

4. I think it’s pretty amazing that a writer who is more fantasy inclined is attempting to write a horror story. How do you go about switching roles when working on two completely opposite genres? Does it affect your mood, and how do you deal with that on an everyday basis? Also, what kind of research do you conduct to get into your killer’s mind?

My dreams play a huge part in the genres I choose. I don’t normally have to switch roles,
when the rain starts the only one who speaks to me is The Collector. He is terrifying and I normally write for an hour or two with him a night, sometimes only that per week. It does affect my mood and normally I have to watch a chick flick so I’m able to fall asleep without having nightmares. Research for my Killer isn’t really required, the story sits in my mind for a rainy day, I think I know him more than I know any of my other characters, though if I need to be scared crapless to get in the mood I watch a few episodes of Criminal Minds.

5. Right. Some ‘this or that’ questions …please answer these and explain why.

Bones or Glee: Glee, never watched Bones, I’m more of a Criminal Minds type of gal!
(Ah, me a Bones gal. Me love me some good bones)

Madonna or Michael Jackson: Definitely Madonna she’s too fabulous, no explanation needed.

Mountains or Beach: Beach, without a doubt! Lying in my bikini with a cocktail in hand and the waves serenading me, perfect.
(I actaully prefer the mountains. Especially in the middle of nowhere. Silence.)

Life without books or life without music: Life without music, this was easy though, the hubs and I are the people who don’t even listen to music while in the car driving to work.
(See, this I would not be able to choose. And luckily I don't have to because I'm not the one be asked ;o)

Life with love and no sex, or life with sex and no love: Life with love and no sex, sex has no real meaning without love, and I love, love. :)

Life without sound and smell, or life without sight and touch: Life without sound and smell. This one is tough only because in the end I wouldn’t be able to write, read or even see, but I have the images in my head and to miss the sound and smell of the things I miss the most would be far worse.
(Again, a hard one. Who thought of these questions anyway?)

Well, Jen, thanks so much for coming today! It was a fantabulous pleasure to have you! :o)
So, have you got any questions for Jen? If so, ask away in the comments and I'll do a follow up post with all your questions and Jen's answers (when she has time).

(PS: UK NO GO. One position, they want someone with PhD (pfft!), the other I'm way over qualified for, as it's an entry level position, so no way. Ah, well. I suppose I'm quite relieved ...)


  1. An excellent interview Jessica, very enjoyable to read. Thanks a lot.


  2. Me first-ee! Whoa!

    Great meeting you, Jen. Thanks for all the wonderful insight. I do agree that we can learn something about life through ever book we write. It's great we can pass that on to our readers.

    Nice interview, Jess. ";-)

  3. Great interview!!! Thanks, J & J!

    Re: UK...no go for now. The door has been opened, so don't be surprised if another opportunity presents itself soon!

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  5. Thank you so much Jessica! This was a ton of fun and I feel honored to have been invited! If there are any questions I will certainly answer them :)

    I'm glad to hear that you are relieved about the jobs, some things just have a way of working themsevles out!

  6. Great interview Jessica and great job Jen. Interesting questions and answers. I'm a Bones gal. :) I forgot to tell you there is an award on my blog for both Jessica and Jen. I think I posted it on Friday--can't remember. HAve a great day!

  7. Two of my favorite peeps! Yay. Great interview BTW.

    Sorry about the position Jess, but as you point out maybe its for the best.

  8. Loved this interview - thanks to both Jen and Jessica!

  9. Yay Jen!!! Great questions Jess:)

    I've got one: Since we never got around to our something vs. something, Team Edward or Team Pool Boy

  10. Great interview! It's so neat that you write in so many genres.

    Sharon Shinn's Castle Auburn is one of my favs, too. I actually wrote to her to tell her how much I loved it and she wrote back!

  11. Fantastic interview. What great questions. Criminal Minds is absolutely the way to go if you want the crap scared out of you.

  12. Thanks for sharing your journey, Jen. It's always fascinating to learn the story behind a writer's life. I like that your work explores human ideals and values, giving them a universal appeal. Happy writing to you, and thanks for the interview, Jessica!

  13. I've been seeing Jen's interviews of other people, so it was great to see her interviewed for a change. Very cool! :)

  14. Jess, thanks for posting this! This was a very insightful and entertaining interview of Jen, I feel I should be taking notes


  15. Yay for hosting Jen! Her blog is one of my faves! Fabulous interview, Jessica!

    Jen, I liked learning more about what you write. I don't know how you get through writing that scary stuff! I'm such a wimp, I'd probably die of fright getting into the mind of a killer, haha. Good call watching a chick flick after writing the scary stuff; that'd probably help me, too! There's nothing like a good chick flick to clear the mind and boost the spirits.

  16. Great interview! It's fun learning a little bit more about fellow writers. :D

  17. Great interview, ladies. Those were some darn tough choices, Jessica!

  18. thanks for doin this miss jessica! hi miss jen! its neat learning stuff on what make authors write what they write and other stuff about them. my stories mostly are about leaning things about yourself. is that like human values? i hope some day i could see all of your books on the shelf at the bookstore.
    ...hugs from lenny

  19. Way fun interview! Jen is awesome, and you are too Jessica!

  20. Really great questions. I like the idea of a series that explores human ideals and values. Other books do that, but Jennifer has made it the focus.

    Straight From Hel

  21. Thorough interview. I like that Jen puts more than just action into her novels. A novel without human ideals and values, and character development falls flat.

    I'm glad nobody has asked me the love/sex question. They're so intertwined in my life.

  22. What a nice in-depth interview. I always like to find out how other authors come up with their story ideas.

  23. This was made of awesome! And what tough questions you asked--good job answering them Jen. And congrats on being done (btw, yeah three days tops for me too--at least the first time around).

  24. Such a fun interview!

    J.K. Rowling is a great inspiration for me as well. I just love the details of her world-building. :)

  25. Great interview ladies! I'm glad I didn't have to make any of those choices - although it would be Bones easily! :)

  26. awww YAY! awesome interview with two of my favorite ladies.

    thanks so much for sharing!!

  27. Life without music? The horror!!!

  28. Great interview--I too love the look at human values and motivations, even in a fantasy setting--JKRowling is QUEEN--and your killer who comes when it rains gave me the shivers!

    Jessica-those end questions are wacky! I would have thought I needed beach over mountains until I moved away from them and now I MISS THEM, but I think it's because this is the first place I have lived that I can't SEE ANY off in the distance, where the beach was always a drive.

  29. Great interview, ladies. I love the 'this or that' questions.

    It was interesting to see how Jen writes across many different genres but the general themes are the same.

    Thanks guys!

  30. What a fun interview! And I agree, Madonna and the beach.

  31. Great interview. Boy, those are difficult questions at the end.


  32. What a great interview! It was so much fun getting to know Jen even more and she definitely proved how interesting she is through this interview.

    And the questions! Excellent questions Jessica!


    I'm not quite sure why I am not following you already!

  33. Great interview Jessica...and you picked one of my favorite people to boot! :) I love finding out more about my blogging buddies.

  34. Good interview! Thanks to both of you for sharing it with us:)


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