Monday 26 July 2010

How do you quench the thirst to write on vacation?

Lake Ladonas, Peloponnese, Greece (artificial lake, made in 1955)

Ok, well, I'm not back, but I'm sticking my nose in (where it's wanted, I hope!), taking a sip of what I've been missing out on these past two weeks. I hope you don't mind ;o).

I tell you what, though, I sure have been missing writing my book. I haven't been able to sit still long enough to get stuck into writing, so I guess it'll have to wait until I return to my purple and turquoise office.

Do you ever feel guilty for not writing when you are on vacation? I know I shouldn't feel guilty, and I should just be enjoying my "time off". If only it was really "time off" - I've actually been working while I've been away, which has been a SHIT - PAIN IN THE BUTTOCKS! I just want to forget about work and enjoy the travelling. (Oh yeah, I suppose I should mention that we've left Ithaca for a week to spend some time on the mainland. See the photo I took above of where we stopped a couple of days ago.)

Anyhoo, how do you quench your thirst to write when you're away on vacation? I drown the urge with margaritas ... hehehe.


  1. When Hurricane Rita send all the citizens, including me, out of Lake Charles, I took my laptop with me -- and in the wee hours of the morning, I wrote the first draft of FRENCH QUARTER NOCURNE.

    On the road doing blood runs, I take my battered journal and notebook, jotting down descriptions and bits of dialogue.

    Get yourself a notebook and start jotting down those gems!

    Oh, and Tuesday's post has the adventure of Gypsy, my cat, as she contests with the towering Sphinx of Thebes. She's much funnier than me so don't miss it. Roland

  2. We've never been on a long vacation - only a few days here and there - so it doesn't cause much of a problem for me.

    One of these days I'm going to get to that part of the world, and my only focus will be on enjoying it!

  3. I won't actually write when I'm on vacation, but I will take my notes and work on plot elements and story structure. Not near as satisfying, but it works. :)

  4. Hats off to Roland. When I'm on holidays I just write in my journal (every night, usually.)Through the day I have my notebook. I also collect bits and pieces and stick them in my journal as I write travel articles and this helps me remember, also makes my journal look funky.

    Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics of Greece. Could certainly set some dreamy stories there! Enjoy your holiday/work..:)

  5. Lovely to hear from you Jessica,
    hope you're having a good time. You'll soon catch up when you get home I'm sure,


  6. I just got back from Greece- I'm in the habit of taking a spiral notebook with me so I can write in longhand. I find that vacations often inspire me to write- I'd hate to lose that inspiration because I didn't have something to write on!

  7. I do miss writing when away, but am often too busy than to jot a few notes down.

    Have a wonderful time!

  8. I do feel guilty when I'm not blogging or reading blogs,(or even when I'm brushing my teeth or sleeping), whether it's vacation or the weekend or whatever. Have a good time!!! Miss you!!!

  9. I get really frustrated on holidays if I don't get writing done (and I usually don't get writing done).

  10. Confession. I usually write on vacations. I know. Pitiful. But I can't help it.

    And by the way. I AM SO JEALOUS! Breathtaking picture.

  11. What a fab photo! Can I steal it for my background?

    I am usually so exhausted on vacation that the urge to write is only a passing thought. I'm actually on vacation now... visiting family... and entertaining, feeding and carting around three boys is wearing me out.

    I usually just have one. But now I am taking care of my nephews as well.

    Have a wonderful trip and please post more photos!

  12. My family makes sure I leave the laptop home. And yeah, margaritas do help hehehe.

    Stephen Tremp

  13. I'm okay for a day or two, and then I have to write something. Fortunately, I'm not picky - any paper will do!

  14. It's incredibly hard to find time to write on vacation, but I do love taking notes of new things I see or anything that might inspire me later. It doesn't take too long, and it makes me feel much more productive. Hope you have an awesome vacation!

  15. Sometimes just taking my mini notebook and jotting down the different sights and sounds helps me feel like I'm doing research...who knows, you may spot a person who inpires a character or storyline.

    The important thing is to relax and rejuvinate. Enjoy your holiday!

  16. Looks like most of your readers are writers.
    I really don't have that problem, I don't feel driven to write.

    Sorry to hear you have to work, but on the bright side, at the least the fact that you can take your work with you means that you can travel even if you can't afford (on whatever level) to take time off from it.

    Have fun! : j

  17. I don't feel guilty about not writing on vacation. The kids just dominate so much of our time--there is no me time.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation.

  18. I think it depends on the mood, sometimes I just take notes, write down ideas, or like you drink a few margaritas. Unfortunately for me my vacations are only a few days... :(

  19. I miss it, but I don't feel guilty. I'd feel more guilty writing and not spending time with my family. I use alone time to think, but over all I realize that time is needed to refuel. Hope you had a fun vacay.

  20. I've never had this problem. I'd finished my first book before we went on vacation last year and same goes for this year. Once hubby goes back to work in two days I'm hoping to start working on a first draft for a new book. i honestly can't wait. It's sad but this is the part of my vacation I've been secretly looking forward to. My arse on the couch with my laptop and a whole nother world is vacation to me.

  21. Yes, this happens to me all the time. My husband's used to me bringing the laptop so I can write.

    However, this summer, I'm working hard to finish my rewrites before we go so I can give the book some distance while I'm away. :D

    Of course, then I'll be thinking about my new wip. ;)


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