Friday 2 July 2010

Snapped up in five minutes for friday :o)

Deary me, Oh Deidre dear
You spend your life wrapped up in fear
Just look ahead into the year
See all you will achieve?

Deary me, Oh Deidre dear
Come here and let me bend your ear
Listen to me now, you hear?
No room to be naive!

Deary me, Oh Deidre dear
Holy cow, is that a tear?
I told you we are in the clear!
And joy we shall receive!

So deary Deidre, listen here
Life's short and you must persevere
Once we've had our chips and beer
Your courage you shall retrieve.


  1. If you wrote that in five minutes, I might have to hunt you down and hurt you. LOL.

    If you want anything deeper than 'the fat cat sat on the mat' from me,it's gonna take some time. weeks maybe.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Great! A perfect start for the weekend:)

  3. That photo is just great! Did you write that in five minutes....heaven help the rest of us if you did!!!Well, me anyway.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. God that was fun ... and awesome! I love the words you've chosen and your rhyme scheme is very fun but my favorite part here is the rhythm. I imagine you could figure this as a tune?

    Nicely done Jessica!

  5. The words and photo make an excellent post.


  6. I like the accompanying photo - that's a big dog.

  7. Dude, that pic was an epic lol :D Thanks for the snarf, you talented chica, you!

  8. You're definitely talented!

    Have a great weekend...and great pic :)

  9. Now THAT is poetry I can relate to! I just can't concentrate if it is too complicated. I loved this little diddy.

  10. Nice poem, Jessica. And I just noticed what the little dog was saying to the big dog. I love its spunk. Of course, the poor little guy is about to become dinner ...

  11. Charming blog. I might even be hooked.

  12. Love this! Especially the bit about chips and beer and how they help her recover her courage! Works for me!


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