Tuesday 1 February 2011

Chains, Velvet, Twisted Grace; Help me out with this small case?

As well as working on String Bridge revisions, I'm also compiling a poetry collection. Yeah, call me crazy, but I can do it. And sometimes it's nice to take a break from my novel, let's say for 15-20 minutes to scribble down a poem. I can do them pretty fast as I have life long practice with lyrics. A little completed gem, that I'll come back to later to tweak. I've scrapped my memoir project. I just can't do it. Not my style, and I'm not going to force it. But. This poetry book is inspired by childhood memories, so in other words, it's going to be a glorified version of my memoir in verse.

So, I need help with a title.

Consider that my style is very dark, experimentally lyrical free verse and prose with rich, vivid and stark imagery. And all the poems are based on my experiences as a child growing up with a drug addicted musician as a mother.

These are some possibles:

Velvet Chains
Twisted Velvet Chains
Twisted Chains
Velvet Steel
Twisted Grace
Fit For A Coffin
Still Holding My Breath

If you need to read a sample to make a better decision, go HERE to read a short flash fiction piece which reflects the style of my collection.

Of course, any other title ideas you have that aren't listed here are welcome too! :o)


  1. Oof! Strong stuff. Even though I only read the one poem, I think
    "Tears Like Ethanediol" would be an excellent choice.

  2. You're looking for a title for the whole book, right? Not just one poem?

    I like some of your ideas, but I think the word chain would work better as a verb. I'm terrible with titles so I don't have much, but maybe something like Chained in Velvet, or Chained by Twisted Grace.

    I would suggest you ask Bryan. He is really good with titles and has always been able to help me out.

  3. I love the fact that you're asking us. I feel special. That being said I'm terrible at titles so I'm going to step back and let others decide. However I look forward to see what everyone comes up with!

  4. Something tugs at me when I read: Still Holding My Breath. Not sure why. I like the idea of velvet and steel. The abrasion it creates visually is nice.

    I love that you're doing this.

  5. So I really adore Fit for a Coffin.... maybe it's just a side effect of having a funeral director for a father... but I would make a BEELINE for a book titled Fit for a Coffin if I saw one on the store shelf.

  6. Considering the subject matter why not Molecular Chain Reaction or a part thereof?

  7. I like Still Holding My Breath, too. It suggests that hope most people who survive sad childhoods hold: that some day the past will be different.

  8. Velvet Chains really jumped out at me, evoking the sofness/richness that motherhood should be juxtaposed against the chains of addiction that bind the addict and the child. But any of these would be good.

  9. I like Velvet chains.

    It's steely with a soft edge.


  10. I love twisted chains. Such a great title! Matthew had a great title too.

  11. I'm torn between Velvet Chains and Twisted Grace. Without getting a feel for the entire collection, I can't say which is more fitting.

    Or, you could take Bish's suggestion and use the name of one of your poems. (I do like Tears Like Ethanediol, but suspect it would lead to a larger amount of misspelled Google searches.)

  12. From the list you suggested,

    I like Twisted Chains.


  13. I like 'Twisted Velvet,' which isn't one you listed, but it has a nice ring to it. :) Just a thought. 'Velvet Chains' is good too. I like having 'velvet' in there because it's so exotic and mysterious and dark...

  14. I left a comment on the other blog. Loved your writing. My favorite title is Twisted Grace.

  15. I like Twisted Grace, but Velvet Chains is nice too!

  16. Still Holding my Velvet Chains?
    Breaking the Chains! Wait, that's an 80's song by Dokken...

  17. ew! Velvet chains. For sure. And funny--I made that comment to Matt before even visiting~

    must be in a velvety mood... ;p

  18. Twisted Grace. I'd pick it up just to find out what that is.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  19. I had the same problems when I wanted to put my poems in a book.

    After what you been through as a child how about "I'm Still Standing"


  20. I like Twisted Grace as well. But I'm still not sure if any are as compelling as the writing. :)

  21. As you know I liked Velvet Steel. Now I am liking Twisted Velvet Chains.

  22. Personally, I really like 'Still Holding My Breath'. There's a real sense of quietness to it, and something dark as well... I think it best evokes the mood that you're trying to achieve.

    (All of your possible titles actually put me in mind of the poem 'The Lady of Shallot' - go figure).

  23. I like 'still holding my breath'.. I think this title would draw me to read this poem more than the others.. but I'm dramatic so

    - SY

  24. I know I'm late for the party, but here's my two cents - Graced in Chains

  25. Little late to party here, but here's my two cents: Chained Grace


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