Monday 7 June 2010

If my novel were a movie ...

I've seen this around the blogosphere so have decided to follow suit as it's a pretty entertaining excuse to escape from the monotony of my work.

Below are my movie main characters for my complete novel DEAD IN THE CORNER OF MY BEDROOM. What's my book about? Pfft, you'll figure it out ...

Name: Jane Hill-Konstantinou

Age: 30

Character: Protagonist

Occupation: Editor / Musician

Motive: Wants to resurrect her passion to play music; to become a rock star; to better her relationship with her husband; to be a better and less neglectful mother; to reconcile her relationship with her own bipolar mother; to be stronger-willed; to not be seen as a housewife / career-oriented stereotype any longer and to finally pursue something she loves instead of giving up when confronted with pressure to conform to society.

Name: Max Konstantinou
Age: 40

Character: Jane's husband

Occupation: Music events manager / coordinator

Motive: To help get Jane's passion back on track; to be a better husband, (and to conceal his affair).

Name: Tessa

Age: 4

Character: Jane and Max's daughter

Occupation: doll beautician ;)

Motive: to beautify dolls; to grow up quick; to lick Doggy's nose just like Doggy licks hers; to stress Jane out and make her doubt her ability to be a good mother.

Name: Betty
Age: 55
Character: Jane's mother
Occupation: Ex-musician
Motive: To reconcile her relationship with Jane. Jane's history with Betty makes Jane wonder whether it would just be better to remain a stereotype, so as not to turn out like Betty, and therefore not neglect Tessa.

Name: James

Age: 56

Character: Jane's father

Occupation: Ex-musician

Motive: Passive man who is wrapped around Betty's little finger. But eventually makes Jane understand that he is still his own person and chose to be a dominated by Betty for the sake of keeping peace between them. Not a very stable father character, but it makes Jane realise that she should NOT follow in his footsteps. He is also her confidant during her dilemma about whether to take the promotion in London or whether to pursue her dream to be a rock star and accept the offer to tour.

Name: Serena

Age: 30

Character: Jane's best friend

Occupation: Social-worker and volunteer for United Nations

Motive: To help Jane survive through tragedy, to help Jane get back on her feet after tragedy. Before the tragedy she is Jane's msn chat outlet when conflicted.

Name: Heather

Age: 40

Character: Jane's closest work colleague

Occupation: Editor

Motive: Comic relief, Jane's escape from reality and from the monotony of the everyday. She and Jane mutually hate their workplace and the people in it and think the grass must be greener elsewhere.

Name: Charlie
Age: 35
Character: Jane's ex-metal head boyfriend
Occupation: Tour manager
Motive: To convince Jane to tour America with a band on his client list, due to a member quitting. This happens after Jane finds out about Max's affair and no longer wants his help.

Name: Richard Viadro
Age: 38
Character: Jane's (brief) love interest, and potential new boss in London
Occupation: Academic Director of Publishing Company
Motive: To get Jane to go on a date with him. To get Jane to accept promotion in London.  

Well! There you have it. My actors. Have you ever thought about doing this? I'd love to see some other fellow bloggers do this. So. You know what? I'm going to tag some of you! I hope I don't get a slap on the wrist for inventing a tag. But hey, what came first, the chicken or the egg?

You can always decline if you wish, but please DON'T, it's so fun!

I am tagging:


  1. Good picks, especial Jason Statham.

  2. And... who can resist Johnny Depp? If your main character can, she's a stronger woman than me. :P
    I'm kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiding. Seriously though, I love all the actors you put up here. I would totally see the movie. :)

  3. I have done this and it's so much fun.
    Me likes Charlie (Johnny Depp). How can you resist that?

  4. I loved your 'movie' characters and their motivations make for a very interesting story! I might have to pretent you tagged me too:)

  5. LOVE this! Can't wait to see it on the bigscreen! I've done it too and it's a lot of fun.

  6. Occupation: doll beautician ;)

    OMG that was awesome!

    I won't do this for my novel because I'm superstitious, but I won't pretend I haven't daydreamed about it from time to time.

  7. OH why did Jane choose someone over Charlie... he's such a hunk!! Gotta a thing for the bad boys but it's true when they say 9 times out of 10 you don't end up with them!!

    Oh my you've got me thinking now! I think I will probably play but since I have all my posts written (since I do them on Sunday) I'll have to wait until next week (or maybe the weekend since I might not be able to wait until then!!! Hehe!) Thanks for the tag!

  8. Great idea! Did you know Depp played slide on the Oasis song "Fafe In Out"? (3rd album) There's an award for you on my Blog. Cheers!

  9. I've never posted this, but I do have actors picked out for my characters. Most were based on looks, but younger versions of them could play the characters in the movie. Maybe I'll do this for tomorrow's post.

  10. Yup, Max works. And oh so does Charlie. ";-)

    Good luck with the tagging, guys.

  11. I will watch anything with Johnny!!! <3 Him!

    Good picks! And I love the descriptions of your characters!


  12. Charlie puuu--lleeeaasssee!!!!Mmm.

    Okay, so I'll take your tag challenge but it won't go up until Wed. or Thurs:)

  13. Very clever idea and fun to imagine the actors/actresses playing characters in your book.
    It was a pleasure to read very impressed.

    Enjoy your day.

  14. Oh, this was soooo cool. I love Tessa occupation. :)

    If I desperate for an idea for a post this summer, I might try doing this.

  15. This is cute. Maybe I've try it. It's so hard to narrow down which actors I'd want to play my characters.

  16. I loved this - great job!! It's fun to do things like this when in need of a break from the writing and still needing that extra push of motivation to finish.

  17. Oh, very cool!! Great picks, and your WiP sounds awesome!

  18. Ooooh, very nice cast! I love how their facial expressions in the photos really seemed to fit the character descriptions!

    I might try this sometime soon, it sounds fun! :)

  19. nice! these are some great picks! i love Jane Hill-Konstantinou!

  20. Ah, I love these! Especially Max. Jason Statham--! So incredibly hot. I dig your mix of characters; I'm intrigued!!!

  21. No, but for a while the protagonist in my current book took on Joanna Lumley's voice and that was hard to shake.

  22. Mmmm, Johnny Depp! So Charlie is my favorite now. Jane should definitely rekindle that romance, lol.

    Great choices! Your novel sounds terrific, and the movie is definitely a blockbuster with this cast!

  23. I love your picks...really gives a flair of the dynamics of the work!
    Great idea..i kind of threw old photos out on my blog to see what people would think, write about.

    Love this~

  24. Ooh, I love Emily Blunt! Great choice for your protagonist!

  25. Wow, your protagonist has had some pretty handsome boyfriends! That and I absolutely loved the premise of the story!

  26. Johnny Depp as the ex-metal head boyfriend! Perfect! :)

  27. I haven't done this yet - and probably will try to avoid it. I don't watch enough movies - and I never see anyone matching my characters. *sigh* I don't think I'm visual enough.

  28. It's amazing how up close and personal your story becomes when I can visualize the characters as you see them. I've read you talk about this book, and I'm first in line to read it. Can't wait to see you published, girl!

  29. Pick Charlie, Jane, pick Charlie!

    Cool post. It does look like fun.

  30. This was really cool! Hollywood should be calling you soon with an offer. ;)

  31. I have collected pictures of folks who would fit my characters, even songs to describe them or a scene. I will have to try this. Very cool and good choices!

  32. These are some really great picks! And Tessa is so cute. :D


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