Friday 4 June 2010

Last Video Battle: TWILIGHT (Edward vs. Jacob)

Thanks to all who popped over to Zoe's yesterday to read the interview with her. If you haven't been over yet, just click this link. If not to read the interview, to meet an amazing talented fellow blogger of ours who is definitely worth a visit. Don't forget to follow her either! You won't be disappointed!

Ok. Video battle. You all know the drill, right? Today is about a topic I know nothing about so, hmm ... 

This is going to be my last, and probably the last for all of us because have decided to make us pay to use the service all of the sudden. Also, I have just provided the dialogue today because the sucky program decided to take over 7 hours to render, and then never rendered anyway. BOOOOOO!
Don't forget to check out the others! It's your last chance!

Shannon - Shannon McMahon
Rachel - Open a Window
Susan - Susan Fields
Jennie - Garden Full of Lily

Albert: Queen Jennifer the 8th said today's battle is about...
Leonardo: Battle? But I don't have my gun ...

Albert: I'm not finished, Leonardo. Today's verbal battle is about twilight.

Leonardo: Twilight? No, I prefer the morning.

Albert: I prefer the evening myself. But I think it's referring to some sort of theatrical art production with two characters called Edward and Jacob.

Leonardo: King Edward the 6th? Smashing idea!

Albert: Ah, yes. Jolly good, Leonardo. Yes, that's probably who she was referring to. You are a smart fellow, Leonardo. But, who is Jacob?

Leonardo: That's a Hebrew name, is it not?

Albert: Ah, yes. Jolly good, Leonardo. But who is it?

Leonardo: The shepherd forebear of the 12 tribes of Israel, is it not?

Albert: Ah, yes, jolly good, Leonardo. From the bible. But why should we have to choose between a bible character and King Edward? And why on earth would they want to perform in a piece of theatre?

Leonardo: Ah, yes, you have a point there Albert. Did she say anything else? Did she give you any clues?

Albert: Well, as far as I can recall, she said something along the lines of one being a sexy werewolve and the other being a pasty white boy who calls himself a vampire. but I chose to ignore such a ridiculous notion.

Leonardo: Sorry? I didn't quite catch that, Albert. Did you say that Edward used to be a wolf, and that he would revamp our empire?

Albert: Oh, golly gosh Leonardo, do clean the wax out of your ears once in a while. It does get awfully tiring having a conversation with a man who can't hear sufficiently.

Leonardo: Jolly good then, Albert. Pass the chisel?


  1. I'm so sorry the video wouldn't render - I love the dialogue, it would have made a hirarious video! I had to render mine many times before it would finally do it, but since I skipped last week I started working on this one early so I had extra time to mess around with it, and finally it decided to cooperate. Such a bummer that they're charging now! I was lucky to get mine in before they started doing that.

  2. Ha ha. That's classic. Love it.

  3. Haha!! Albert and Leonardo are as clueless about Twilight as I am! I should suggest to them we form a book club and read the series, before we're the last three smucks on earth left out of the loop :D

  4. That was so funny! Or should I say, "Jolly Good!"

  5. Jolly Good stuff Jessica!!Hysterical take on the Twilight Saga!

    And Damn Xtranormal!!Damn them!

  6. Love the dialogue!

    How sucky that they're making you start pay for it, though!

  7. I'm with Slushpile Slut - Damn xtranormal, Damn them!

    Brilliant dialogue, never would have seen it going such an awesome way! The video would have been hilarious... jolly good, Leonardo, jolly good!!

  8. Zoe is awesome. I love her blog but I don't make it by much anymore b/c she posts so late in the day.

    Otherwise hilarious scene! You are so funny.

  9. Aww this would have been hilarious! Xtranormal is on my shit list.

  10. Hahaha! I actually prefer it this way. In my head the voices speak naturally!
    Doubly so because this script doesn't rely on Twilight acquaintance so I can laugh too. : j
    Good stuff!

  11. Brow wiggling and I'm hiccuping. *Smiles*

  12. LOL. LOVE it.

    Hopping over to Zoe's blog now!

    Happy Friday!

  13. I put on an accent in my head as I read the dialogue. Am I weird? :)

  14. hehe! I loved your dialouge. I read it with an accent too... very funny! :)

  15. Fun dialogue, sorry the video wouldn't work for you, I was also getting pretty frustrated with the program, but finally got it to work. I had to sit there and chose characters one by one and scenes one by one until I knew those were "in my account" and didn't cost money to use. So annoying. They shouldn't advertise it as free and then ask for money.

  16. Loved it Jessica

    Enjoy your week-end.


  17. Jolly good job, Jessica!

    Pity the video wasn't working.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  18. Oh, this would have been so good!

    Actually, you can still make videos for free - you just have to watch which scenes and characters you choose (That's why mine look they way they do).

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  19. hahaha, Crimey and Bethany, they did have British accents in my vid! :) You did good! :)

  20. What a shame, I think it would be a blast on video. It is a blast as it is!

    Happy Sunday.

  21. Liked that better than the original book!

    Straight From Hel

  22. Very clever dialogue. I just found your blog and will visit again when I can. Always enjoy a good twist of words.

  23. I love this! Wonderful, funny! Pasty white boy? ROFL!!! Thanks for a funny moment! ;)


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