Thursday 24 June 2010

Lost for words ... or not.

Today is the day I've been expecting to arrive sooner or later. The day when I'm lost for blog post words.

So I'm just going to tell you this:

I'm tired.
My hair is a mess.
I have to work when I want to write.
I want to write every spare moment I have but I also want a holiday.
I can't find anyone to look after my dog so that I can go on holiday and I'm pissed off.
I have to pay stupid amounts of money to the government for being self-employed - BASTARDS.
I want to buy myself DVDs - simple little pleasures but I can risk not having spare money in case something breaks - because something always breaks when you buy something unnecessary - it's just the law of the land.
My dog's claw dug into my right middle finger tip this morning (HOW?) and it hurts to type with it.
The dishes have piled up and I can't bear to look.
We need milk and I can't be bothered getting any - so I'm drinking black coffee - yuk.
I have mail waiting for me to pick it up at the post office and I can't be bothered getting it - for freakin' sake just learn to deliver to people's doors like normal countries. Ugh.
My wallet is empty - need to go to the bank. If I go to the bank, I might as well go to the post office, and if I go there, I might as well get some milk. No. I won't go to the bank. (Spilio? You got any cash?)
I should finish writing these teacher's notes. Yes. Can't be avoided. (takes sip of coffee, UGH! no milk! Oh, we don't have any. Perhaps I should go buy some. Spilio, you got any cash? Oh, don't worry, I'll go to the bank. What's that? You want me to pick up your mail? Really? I have to walk all the way down there? Crap. I might as well get mine, then.)
Life is a monotonous pain in the butt today. But that being said, I think I like it. Does it really have to take a whole blog post of rant to make me realise the goodness in not having to commute to work and the goodness in being able to cuddle my dog whenever I like?
Ah, Holly Bolly Wally Wood, I wuv you ... you always make evewyfing wuvwey. Thanks for hewping me wif my work, I couldn't do it wifout you ...


  1. What a cute puppy. :) I'm sorry your day is off to such a bad start. I hope it gets much better really soon.

  2. Oh that is really a cute dog and he looks like he really wants to help you with your work!

  3. You sound like me. I feel just like that too.

  4. I can see you are having a seriously bad day. Would a hug from rainy Bombay make you feel any better?

  5. Goregous puppy!!!

    I loved this post, it's all the things I'm thinking but don't always come out and say them! Only difference is you didn't sound whiny when they came out... I did!

    I understand the money... that totally blows... and I understand the wanting to write but having to work instead, that blows as well!!

    Keep your chin up and know that I'm only an instant message away :)

  6. We all have our own special take on these days~ Your dog is so cute; (((hugs))) to you both~

    Maybe something great is waiting for you in that pile of mail, besides the other drudgery~

    I think I am going to have a day of "Why did I do that?" headed to VA, temp 98, with 2 teenage girls. What am I thinking...

  7. Here's a (((hug))) for your bad day!

    And I can't believe you can't find anyone to watch your adorable dog! If I was there, I would!


  8. Love your dog! I'll play with him (her?) while you work... We'll go take a walk to get milk and the mail....and be back sometime before sundown.

  9. I go through a lot of days like that!

  10. Aww. I'm sorry you're off to such a rough start to the day. Perhaps the bright side might be, you can only go up from here... Wish I could fly there and watch your dog while you go on holidays. I have two giants in my house, too.

  11. I hate days like that. At least you found a positive, in not going out of the house to work. Hope your day improves, Jessica. :)

  12. Gorgeous dog! Sorry your day isn't going well, hope it gets better!

  13. Aww:( I'll watch your dogs for you! Please please please have a better day (and get milk so your coffee doesn't blow)

  14. Hang in there, Jessica. And for GOD'S SAKE, get some milk for your coffee! Some things in life are more important than others, and having drinkable coffee is right at the top of the list. :)

  15. Things can only get better, and with a gorgeous dog like that for company you're not alone.

    Thanks for the visit, my poetry come from my life's experiences over the years many I wrote years ago and have just found them.

    Hope your day is not that bad.

  16. For not having anything to write about, I'd say you did really well! And, man, do I relate to the day you describe!!

    Hope you get milk for that coffee.


  17. hi miss jessica! im doing dog sitting this summer so i could be real happy to take care of that cute doggy. wow some days you just cant hardly get out of bed and want to pull the covers over your head and get back to makin a good dream but tomorrow is gonna be lots better.
    ...hugs from lenny

  18. working at home is awesome. The amount of cuddling i get done with my dogs is amazing.

  19. Oh yes I have days like that! And they truly are terrible! Hope it gets better :)

  20. Nurse that finger. And hey, I'd share what's in my wallet but I don't even own a wallet. The kids took that, too.

  21. Love your dog - they always make everything better!!

  22. Awwww, your dog is so cute!!!! :) He (she?) would make anyone's day better.

  23. You could pretend your french while drinking your coffee black. You'd need a cigarette to go with it ...and you've probably put on the customary life-is-de-la-merde frown:) Your dog is frickin adorable!

  24. Urgh! Sorry you're having one of THOSE days! Your dog though, is FABULOUS! We used to have a Dalmatian/Lab mix who was the nicest dog EVER. He was a total sweetie (though thought he was a lap dog--that could be uncomfortable)

    It's almost Friday--does that help?

  25. Hang in there...I'm doing the same.
    Soon light will come, it always does.
    Hug little pup for me...she's cute.
    Good day!

  26. Jessica, when it rains it pours!! Chin up :)

    Haven't been here in a while, must catch up on the posts, hope all get better soon!!


  27. Tough day? Me too. But you're post cheer me up especially the coffee-milk situation.

  28. Cute dog.
    Enjoy today while you can: tomorrow will be worse. ;) (joking)

  29. Well, gosh, if I could get a post like that from you everyday I could be convinced that I'm in heaven and have an absolutely perfect life. Sorry for the downers, and to add one more--No way the country of Greece is gonna hire you to be their spokesperson I guess. I'm certainly not going there to live, but I probably wouldn't have anyway. Okay, gotta go-- mailman came early today and brought me a package of books. Oh, I have a lot of milk-- you can have some. And I even have half and half for your coffee.

    Tossing It Out

  30. What!? That's it? Don't get me started... :) Well, if it helps, your dog is adorable.


  31. Sounds like you're doing a bang up job putting things into perspective. :j

  32. Jessica, you need a vacation!!! ((Hugs)) I hope your day gets better!!!

  33. Gorgeous dog.
    Black coffee...that is bad. Yuck.
    Hope tomorrow is better. :)

  34. First of all, I LOVE your dog! I'd watch him for you, but there's the whole separate continents thing we have going on.

    Two, you are the most entertaining "I have nothing to say" poster I've ever seen!

  35. I hope things improve on all fronts--but first and especially with the milk.

  36. Must be something in the air, girl. Cuz you know I've been whining and bitching on my blog all week :D *holds up a flagon of beer* Let's drink to it, swallow it down, and pray tomorrow it won't be around :D

  37. Bless your ranting heart....Get it out girl...Get it out!! Hope you made it to the bank, post office and got some damn milk for heaven's sake!! I've missed you and your hilarious self! Wish I was in Greece cause girl, I would watch your cute puppy anyday <3

  38. Oh man I can so relate - esp. about the milk. I have days where the simplest tasks just drive me insane! Thanks for making me a feel a little better about it - or at least not so alone


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