Monday 14 June 2010

Title Blogfest Verdicts and More

Okey dokey folkies, this title blog fest on Saturday was VERY interesting, don't you think? I got so many different reactions, plus some that I hadn't even considered - especially with the titles for my memoir.

Today I'm going to show you the results, tell you what my working titles are, and what each book is about. One thing I will say now though, is that the title that got the most votes out of everything, PLEASE DON'T WEAR YOUR EYEBROWS TO SCHOOL AGAIN, was chosen because you thought it would be a funny book. The FUNNY thing with that is, the book is the complete opposite of funny, and I considered that title for what it metaphorically represents in the story. You can read a short excerpt of how it is used in the introduction of my memoir here, if you feel like it.

Anyway, here are the results:

WIP 1 (women's/general fiction)

Curiosity Cured The Kit = This is my working title and it got only 8 votes.
Secrets + Lies = Truth = 8 votes
Bitter Like Orange Peel = 12 votes
The Roger Thing = 3 votes
More Than Absence = 11 votes

Now here is my UNPOLISHED plot summary:
Two half sisters, Kit and Ivy, decide to search for their father, Roger. Their mothers, Ailish and Eleanor, who are best friends, do not want to get involved and leave them to fend for themselves. Kit is convinced that the reason for his absence all their lives is due to him being involved in the secret service. Ivy, who lives on the other side of the world, and who is in the midst of finding her feet again after a divorce, supports Kit's decision to find Roger, but couldn't really care less about it until evidence is revealed that supports Kit’s theory. All Ivy's life she has just believed he was unable to commit and abandoned her and her mother without any guilt. However, when the sisters' effort to find leads to Roger’s whereabouts, digs up a tangled mess of secrets and lies that Ailish and Eleanor have bottled up for decades, not to mention another sister they didn’t know about, their own relationship becomes threatened. Will their father live up to their expectations? And Is revealing the truth worth destroying what family they already have?

Now what title would you choose?

WIP 2 (memoir)

We're Not Ordinary People = This is my working title and it only got 3 votes.
Until I'd Fall Asleep With My Teeth Clenched = 3 votes

Her Tablet Courage = 2 votes

Please Don’t Wear Your Eyebrows To School Again = 21 votes

Looks Like Candy, Tastes Like Music = 16 votes

Basis of story:
This memoir is about being the only child of gothic rock musicians, focusing primarily on my relationship with my drug-addicted mother, and my experiences dealing with her drug withdrawal, anxiety, panic, violent rages, erratic mood swings, etc etc.

Now what title would you choose?
Furthermore, are the stories at all what you suspected?


  1. Though I didn't vote on Saturday (sorry), I think Don't Wear Your Eyebrows To School Again still works. Actually, it works REALLY well. If I'd read the back of the book blurb, I would have assumed the title was referencing a strained relationship between you and your mother. I don't know if I would have been right, but it would have piqued my interest enough to purchase the book.

  2. I didn't vote initially, but based on the synopses, I'd choose "The Roger Thing" or "More than Absence" for the first one.

    And depending on how book #2 reads, either "Looks like candy . . ." or "Please don't wear . . ." But it would depend on the tone of the book.

    Good luck!

  3. I voted for Don't wear.... but I did not vote for it thinking the book would be funny. You had written about your memoir a long time back, and I realised it had something to do with your relationship with your Mum.
    It is still a great title, because it grabs your attention, and forces you to read the blurb at the back. At which time, you decide to buy the book

  4. I still like 'more than absence' for the first one. 'Please don't wear...' works for the second one.

    A friend of mine published a book titled "Would you please stop dying, my girl" - the...well, the rhythm of your title kind of reminded me of that.

  5. I like Bitter and Eyebrows.

    I think they both work...the eyebrow is just quirky enough I'd have to turn it over and see what it was about and that's what you want, right? To get people to pick up the book.

  6. Hmm I'd like More than Absence and Looks like candy, tastes like music... it would be something I'd pick up! LOL

  7. I would still choose More Than Absence for the first. And I voted for the last two on your memoir (not because of the humor) and now I think I would pick Looks Like Candy, Tastes Like Music.

    Get these published! I want to read them!

  8. I like "Bitter like Orange Peel" for the first one

    I like "We're not Ordinary People" for the second one but the Eyebrows title is great.

  9. I like "More Than Absence," but it sounds like a LOT of other titles, si I'm voting for "The Roger Thing." For the second, I'm sticking with "Candy...Music."

  10. I stick to my previous answers!!! (mainly because I'm indecisive and it took me forever to pick those!)

  11. I didn't read the initial post, but I immediately loved the title, Bitter like an Orange peel.

  12. With reading your synopsis, I like Bitter Like Orange Peel for the first and Looks Like Candy, Tastes Like Music for the second. Good luck with whatever you choose!

  13. With the first one, I voted for 'Bitter Like Orange Peel'. From the summary, I can't quite see why that fits in, but I still think it's a great title and there must be a reason you had it as a possibility.

  14. I'm not looking at what others think. Here's my honest go of it: Although I really like the Orange Peel title, I can't see how it fits. So More Than Absence is it for me.

    Looks Like Candy, Tastes Like Music for the second.


  15. I didn't participate over the weekend, so here's my fresh vote:

    I like both of your working titles best. But for WIP #1, I also really like Bitter like and Orange Peel. I'm the type of person that would shorten it (I like short titels), so I like just "Bitter". One word that says a lot, really.


  16. Though I didn't vote I would go for the eyebrows,

    Good luck with the book.


  17. I didn't vote initially either, but my reactions were for The Roger Thing and ...Eyebrows. I would stick to that after reading the synopses as well. The first title is simple, intriguing, and not a seemingly gimmicky attempt at literary googaw. The "Eyebrows" one did not strike me as funny, but maybe because I'd already heard some parts of your story. Instead, that title, while quirky, makes me picture a young person's embarrassment, humiliation, and angst concerning what parents can put them through.

    Good posts-- both of them.

    Tossing It Out

  18. I'd still go with the Eyebrows one for the second piece.

  19. I still like More Than Absence because it conveys the feeling of the book, I think. (I'm a little confused by Curiosity Cured the Kit). But for the memoir, I really like We're Not Ordinary People the best (though "Eyebrows" might make people pull it off the shelves) :D So, will our opinions influence your decision at all?

  20. Thanks for your opinions everyone!

    Amie: I'll do my best! :o)

    Sangu: The reason for that title is because it's how Kit describes the affect Roger's absence has had on her family. And that the bitterness lingers on the tongue long after it's been swallowed. So it's metaphorical.

    Zoe: Curiosity cured the Kit came about because Kit initiates the idea to look for him and she turns out a completely different person at the end due to her curiosity sparking off her 'jouney'. I hate that word, but for lack of another one right now, it'll do :o)

    Yes, of course your opinions will influence my decision. I'm pretty certain now that I'll use the eyebrows one. I love that title, and I only thought of it because of the blog fest. And I knew it'd get the votes becasue when I wrote it, it nudged me, spoke to me, saying 'eh? eh? Pretty cool, hey?' :o)

    But I'm really quite confused now about WIP1! ARGHHHH!!!!!

  21. I still like the Eyebrows title for the difficult themed book--it really displays the childly oversimplification of a very difficult life.

    LOVE the hook for the other story, too--I hadn't seen this before. I like the Oranges Title, though the Secrets+Lies one seems to fit the story better.

  22. DON'T WEAR... is still catchy, and I did think it referenced something between mother and child when I first read it. That said, I still think TASTES LIKE... describes the book a lot better. That's my vote.

    As for the fiction, I have to say that none of them seem to really work. :/ I wish I had some magic title for you, but all I can say is that while the story sounds REALLY engaging, none of the titles draw me in... But I know you'll get it!

  23. I think for the first one, I prefer 'The Roger Thing' and for the second one 'Her Tablet Courage'. I'm sorry I missed this blogfest! Sounds like it was really helpful for most!

  24. I didn't vote Saturday, but based on what you've written today, I like Bitter and I LOVE Eyebrows, but would choose Candy as a close second. Just FYI, I'm intrigued to read both.

  25. I still like my first two choices:

    Curiosity Cured The Kit &

    Please Don't Wear Your Eyebrows To School Again.

  26. Well I now like Bitter Like Orange Peel best for WIP 1 by quite some way.... but there *is* going to be orange peel or at least oranges showing up in the narrative, right? Titles that work on more than one level like that are great :)

  27. I wasn't online Saturday and missed this blogfest completely. I'm glad to read your entries here, though!

    After reading the synopsis for WiP #1, I really like Bitter Like Orange Peel. The idea that beneath the unpleasant surface lies a delicious fruit feels like a wonderful metaphor for the plot -- as long as the family comes together by the end.

    For the second story, I agree that the eyebrows title misleads the potential reader, since it sounds so snarky. I do like the idea: Asleep with clenched teeth...and I love the mismatched senses in Tastes Like Music. I think that's my favorite.

    I can't wait to read these books when they come out!

    Thanks for the lovely email, btw! I hope the blogger bugs are quickly squashed and you can roam the blogosphere, leaving comments, at will!

    ((hugs)) Nicole

  28. Don't Wear Your Eyebrows To School Again is the one that catches my...oh god excuse the pun...eye.

    Decisions..ach I hate them.

  29. I'm sorry I wasn't around this weekend to vote. It looked like fun.

    For the wip 1 I like More Than Absence.

    For the memoir I like Looks Like Candy, Tastes Like Music.

    I don't know why, but the titles grabbed me. :)

  30. Really interesting - I didn't visit the bloggyverse on the weekend so I missed it all.


    Secrets + Lies = Truth

    I love this. Really pulls me in and makes me wonder. I'd read it based on the title alone.

    Teeth Clenched

    I shortened your original up there. I tend to like shorter titles for some reason. I think it gives enough to pull readers in.

    Titles are tough. Good luck with them.

  31. I missed this blogfest- I mostly took the weekend off from being online.

    Bitter Like Orange Peel is a great title- the summaries to both sound totally intriguing!

  32. Don't forget about the character interview blogfest Tuesday, Jessica. I look forward to reading yours, Roland

  33. Hmm, I didn't stop by Saturday. But my choices, based on your brief synopsis here would be:

    1. More than Absence
    2. Her Tablet Courage

    I think I'd have to read more than a little snippet or back-of-the-book blurb to get a true feel for a good title. Then again; I haven't got my own titles worked out yet. Book One and Book Two has to eventually find a decent title or an Agent will never look at it. I have a working title for book one, but sheesh, is it ever lame.


  34. I still want to read the eyebrow book ;-j


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