Wednesday 6 April 2011

E is for ... ???

Thanks to all who dropped by yesterday, and thanks for all the congratulations on my future endeavor! I'm so thrilled! :o) The answer to yesterday's post was, DISGUST. Today I'm going to be a little different and post a little poem instead!

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Pants down behind bus
Kneeling beside you
Warm yellow trickle
Soiled shoe, smelly hand
face flushed — adieu!
I bolt, giggle
leave you standing
drizzle, drizzle, drizzle …

So, can you guess the emotion / feeling / state of mind (a noun) depicted in this piece that begins with the letter ‘E’? It's an easy-peasy one! Please nip over to Nicole's blog to read her interpretation of our E-prompt word. Here’s the link!

PS: Laurel's Leaves interviewed me yesterday about how I put together my book trailer for String Bridge. If you have a moment, pop over and check it out! Laurel has an amazing blog. She's not participating in the challenge, but she has a VERY informative blog and it's definitely worth reading and following if you are a writer!!!



  1. The only word I ca think of is "Embarrassment"


  2. Ill have to go with embarrassment.

  3. Clever entry today, Jess! Love it!

  4. Definitely concur with embarassment! ;-)

  5. I'm with the others. Embarrassed.

    Now to check out Laural's blog. :D

  6. I supposed it's embarrassed, but I wanted to come up with a funny bodily function that starts with E. Something like urinate, or flatulate. Oh, I know!

    Expectorate. It's a verb, I know, just roll with me here.

  7. The epitome of embarrassment! ;)

  8. Well I have to go with others as well, embarrassment.

  9. e.e. cummings! Wait, no, too many capital letters...

  10. Hahaha! This made me laugh! Um... hm... embarrassed, I guess. I tried to come up with something else and failed!

  11. +JMJ+

    Like everyone else, I'm guessing it's embarrassment.

    I'd assume this was a trick and that the E word is actually harder, but you did say "easy-peasy," so I'm going with the obvious one! =)

  12. Embarrassed. Love it. You are so evil -- in a good way of course. LOL


  13. eeewww embarrassment~ Poor thing!

  14. I am going to follow the crowd and say embarrassement or embarrassed.

    Hedging my bets!

  15. snarky! i mean... empty.
    "E" is the Word...
    A to Z Blog Challenge Participant
    Jeremy [iZombie]

  16. Embarassment - depending on the person maybe entertaining, LOL!

  17. Embarrassment! I hope it's a kid who peed his pants. As an adult it would triple the embarrassment.

  18. Embarrassment. You're right -- easy peasy!

    Found you from A to Z Challenge.

    Erin's blog

  19. Embarrassment definitely. =)

  20. I read Nicole's post first and that kind of gave it away...

    For a minute I thought your post was quoting the "Pants On The Ground" song from American Idol...


  21. LOL, embarrassed!

  22. Yup...embarrassment. Well done I am enjoying these dual posts between you and Nicole.

  23. how embarrassing! great post as usual. :P

  24. Everyone's guessed! No fun! LOL, I'm a new follower of your blog. Nice to meet you!

  25. What fun! I love the way you're playing A-Z! I'd have to say "embarrassed" too.

  26. Came here from Nicole's blog. Also guessing embarrassment. Love how you two are handling the challenge!

  27. While i like embarrassment I am going to go for just plain EWWWWWW.

    I think that fits even though it isn't an emotion and defeats the purpose of your game.

    As a nurse pee on my shoe is a constant possibility in my job. They just can't aim straight can they!

    Anyway GREAT to see an Australian Dictionary on your bookshelf. (I'm from Brisbane)

    Great blog. I love the A-Z game! i'm also doing a game/challenge on my blog as a response to picture prompts.


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