Wednesday 20 April 2011

Q is for ... ???

Thanks to all who dropped by yesterday! The answer to yesterday's post was, PATRONIZATION. Today we are dealing with a personal attribute rather than feeling or state of mind.

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At breakfast, Jon butters his raisin toast, licks the knife and leaves it balancing in the edge of the microwave.

"Why can't you just put it in the sink?" Jill asks before biting a quarter of a banana muffin off in one go.

"Because I'll probably use it again," Jon says with a shrug. This new living together thing better not break my balls. Jon walks out onto the balcony, then turns around to face Jill, who is still inside, holding a napkin under her chin so as not to drop any crumbs.

Jill looks him up and down, wondering if she has made a mistake. He'll use it again, my arse. "Okay, well if you plan to use it again, can you actually use it again?"

"Whaddaya mean?" Jon asks furrowing his brow. Here we go ... the domestics have begun ...

"Well, yesterday I found a used butter knife on the edge of the coffee table, on top of the coffee maker, on your bedside table, on your desk, balanced on top of the stapler, and on the side of the bathroom sink so close to the edge I have no idea how you got it to stay there." Jill laughs, hoping to sound like she's making fun rather than nagging. "Were you planning to reuse all of them?"

Jon hangs his head and scoffs, removes the knife from the edge of the microwave and puts it in the sink. He kisses Jill on the cheek and says, "I guess ya got me."

So, can you guess the personal attribute (a noun) depicted in this piece that begins with the letter ‘Q’? Please nip over to Nicole's blog to read her interpretation of our Q-prompt word. Here’s the link!



  1. Oh crap, I should know this one. There are only so many Q words afterall but I can't think of a single one right now except "queen" and I'm pretty sure that's not it. LOL

  2. She's acting like the Queen, but I gotta say, JRM pulls that stunt constantly around here and it drives me Qrazy... :D LOL!!!

    So the queen and I shall be retiring from the royal wedding reception early to allow the youngsters their fun~

  3. This sounds like a Quibble to me, because she's obviously trying to start a pointless fight. Re-using butter knives several times before washing them is good for the environment, everyone knows that.

  4. I'm going with quirks. Love these (even when I'm stumped)

  5. +JMJ+

    Right now, the only thing that comes to mind is "quibbling" . . . but that's not a feeling. =S

    Off to check out Nicole's blog for more clues!

  6. Jon and Jill are certainly feeling the pangs of sharing a home. I think I'm going to go with quirks. Those are the things we usually notice right at the outset of sharing space. Great vignette!

  7. I would say quirky. Jon would drive me crazy!

  8. For certain it's quirky. I'm glad you ladies didn't stump me today.

  9. You said the word is a noun, so it must be QUIRK.

  10. I'll go with quirky. But my godson does this...lazy comes to mind, LOL!

  11. Quirky on the man's side, right on the girl side. ;)

  12. I'm going with quirky as well....

    (and I have to admit I have that habit of leaving a barely used utensil on the side of the sink for later use...I hate doing dishes!)

    visit to my BLOG too pls...


“I'm using my art to comment on what I see. You don't have to agree with it.” ~John Mellencamp

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