Saturday 30 April 2011

Z is for ... ???

Thanks to all who dropped by yesterday! The answer to yesterday's post was, YEARNING. Here's to the last day of the challenge. Woohoo!!! *raises coffee cup over aching head*

So today, I'm just going to be my good old (or odd) self:

OMG! It's ovah! My cells are splitting as we speak due to the over-excitement, forming an entirely different person beside me who is plaiting my hair.

Wow. Nice feeling. I haven't had someone play with my hair since I was in primary school. Can you remember, in school, when you'd ask the person sitting behind you on the floor to play with your hair, or 'draw on your back'??? hehe. But then you'd have to switch places and reciprocate, but that was okay too, because you'd write letters on their back and tell them to guess.

I wanna be a kid again. I'd do things a little differently, I think. I wouldn't be so shy and inadvertently snobby. I wouldn't dress like a crazy fruit loop with colours that don't match and draw unwanted attention to myself. I would succumb to my fantasies and punch the little shithead redhead freckled git boy who always teased me. I would SHARE with other kids and try not to be such an outsider.

I was a little shit as a kid. Not as in 'misbehaving,' but I was selfish. I wanted everything to myself. But I still think the other kids were pretty much the same. I will never forget the day that I had a friend come over to my house after school, and when she asked if she could KEEP one of my toys, and I refused, she spent the entire time sitting on the porch step waiting for her mother to come and pick her up. My mother remembers differently. She still insists that I wouldn't let her touch the toy and the girl got pissed off. Gah!

Anyhoo, A-Z is ovah! Like dip di-dip di-dip, Doo-bop a doo-bee doz, Congratulations! Boog-e-dy boog-e-dy boog-e-dy boog-e-dy Shoo-by doo-wop she-bop Chang chang chang-it-ty chang shoo-bop!

So, can you guess the emotion/feeling/state of mind (a noun) depicted in this piece that begins with the letter ‘Z’? Please nip over to Nicole's blog to read her interpretation of our Z-prompt word. Here’s the link!




  1. Zany?

    Well done on reaching the end (to both of us).

    Moody Writing

  2. Gosh, I don't know. Zip? You sound kind of zippy here.

    Anyway, congratulations on a second year of successfully conquering the alphabet. Now we can resume normalcy.

    Hope you'll join us for The A to Z Challenge Reflections Post on Monday May 2nd.


  3. Zonked? no that's not right. Bah, I'm brain dead, It's over! Wheeeeeee. Sue@JumpingAground (Alliteration & drabbles)
    Sue@traverselife(Workplace bullying)

  4. Zany,zealously zippy ee doo DAH'd.

  5. Zoroastrianism?

    I dunno. My brain is FRIED with a capital F.

    Congrats on sticking out the challenge!

  6. A little zany I'd guess.
    We made it, we made it. Zippitydodah!

  7. Zestful or Zeal!

    This was a fantastic A to Z Challenge. Your entries were terrific! What a great idea for the blogfest, too. Have a great weekend, Jessica. :)

  8. I'm going with zest. A kind of zippity-doo-dah zest.

    Congrats on completing the blogfest challenge! :)

  9. I think all kids are selfish; I definitely was! I'll bet if we'd met as children, we'd have gotten on fabulously. Congrats on a month of stellar entries!! It's been a blast!

  10. Zany fer sure. LOL! And oh, man. I do remember drawing on backs, and how silly the kid world is. Trust me, I've got two slap in the middle of it, and NOTHING has changed...

    Hooray you made it!!! Fun month~ :o) <3

  11. Congrats on completing the challenge also thanks for the support you have given me.
    As for today's word is it ZANY?

  12. Zeal and zesty!

    Congrats on finishing.

  13. You have a zeal for childhood. I loved playing that game where you draw a letter on someone's back. How funny! Thanks for bringing back that memory.

  14. I'm not good at Z words but I'm going to take a stab at zany or zeal. Congratulations on the big finish. Thank you for your support and all your wonderful comments on my blog. I am so happy we connected.

  15. Jessica, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  16. What a fun look back. My kind of girl--zany! And zooty! ;)

  17. Yeah Jessica we did it! We can now proudly say we are part of an elite group of crazy people!

    I'm gonna say your emotion today is pzyched! :) (All of the above except maybe Talli's)

  18. Dear Jessica,

    Well done!

    CongratZ! :D

    The Alphabet

  19. I don't know, but I do hope you someday write a children's book called The Little Shithead Redhead Freckled Git Boy Gets Punched.


“I'm using my art to comment on what I see. You don't have to agree with it.” ~John Mellencamp

“Allowing an unimportant mistake to pass without comment is a wonderful social grace” ~Judith S. Marin

“I don't ever try to make a serious social comment.” ~Paul McCartney

“I'd make a comment at a meeting and nobody would even acknowledge me. Then some man would say the same thing and they'd all nod.” ~Charlotte Bunch

“Probably what my comment meant was that I don't care about the circumstances if I can tell the truth.” ~Sally Kirkland

“We're not going to pay attention to the silliness and the petty comments. And quite frankly, women have joined me in this effort, and so it's not about appearances. It's about effectiveness.” ~Katherine Harris