Thursday 28 April 2011

X is for ... ???

Thanks to all who dropped by yesterday! The answer to yesterday's post was, WANTON. Yes, easy peasy, but did you spell it right??? LOL.
Another riddle for today because I'm lazy and for some reason these are coming to me faster than prose---weird huh?

A feeling of distress over one of Robert Tapert's fictional characters after a sex change.

So, can you guess the emotion/feeling/state of mind (a noun) depicted in this piece that begins with the letter ‘X’? Please nip over to Nicole's blog to read her interpretation of our X-prompt word. Here’s the link!



  1. OMG, too funny. People are going to need a second cup of coffee to work through our posts today!

  2. So are you guys doing the same one? Because my guess for Nicole's is the only one I can think of here, too--it seems to fit, but that might be me being lazy: xenophobia?

  3. xenophobia?????

  4. right. Must be xenophobia~ :o)

  5. Yes, I'm going to go with xenophobia, too.

    Or maybe xylophone.


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  6. xenophobia, because it is the only x word that I can think of.

  7. Sure I'll go along with the crowd, xenophobia.

  8. I won't even go with the rest as I don't know what that word


  9. I like talli's alternate answer.

  10. I'm going to have to say xenophobia as well--especially after reading Nicole's post.

  11. X factor! Just because I know you have it. ;)


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