Sunday, 13 November 2011

Chill out day from the String Bridge blog tour ...

Taking the day off to chill out. Actually, that's a lie, I have freelance work to do :o(

... I only wish I was doing it here:

instead of here:

Normal blog tour posts shall resume tomorrow. Have a great Sunday!

PS: If you missed the results of the Amazon Chart Rush, check out yesterday's post. It was all very exciting and the hard work paid off!

Today's little blog tour installment is here:

New Book Blogger ~ (Review) This is a Glynis Smy project :o)

String Bridge purchase links:

Amazon US ~ Amazon UK

Amazon UK ~ Amazon US ~ Barnes & Noble

iTunes ~ Amazon US ~ Amazon UK

To see a list of other online stores where you can purchase
Melody Hill: On the Other Side, please go to: AWAL


  1. What a view - do they have a diving board there?

    And I checked back to yesterday's post and saw the UK update. Congrats! The British have such good taste. :-)

  2. That first picture looks so so glorious :-)

  3. Enjoy your weekend, try to take some time for yourself, you deserve it.

  4. Have a great weekend. I hope your sales are going good.

  5. God, those pictures!! Have a good freelance writing day!

  6. I wish I was at the first picture place too! Have a wonderful Sunday...hope you find a little time to rest. :-)

  7. Try to chill a bit if you can. You have been working like a mad woman. R&R is the name of the game, Jess! (((hugs)))

  8. ah, is this the first Sunday without Papandreu? :)

  9. LOLOL! Yes!!!! See that's why I have to work! Bloody austerity measures! ;o)

  10. Take a break - you deserve it.
    And yes, to answer your question, Alex's book was in the top ten for science fiction on Amazon for a while. Think it's still doing really well.

  11. Try to enjoy a working weekend. I have too many of those : 3 out of every 4 actually. Sigh. Only success for your book. Looking forward to you singing at Meilori's this Tuesday, Roland

  12. Enjoy your time off/freelance working. I'm sure you are exhausted. You've been everywhere in blogland.

  13. Saw your chart rush results - that's awesome! Cool to ride the wave, isn't it?

  14. I just sent you my receipt for Book Depository ;) Thank you. I'm going to read up about the chart rush now!


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