Saturday 5 November 2011

The house implodes into a lull—a silent angst drunk with anticipation for the week ahead and a secretive intoxicating thrill.

Because it's the weekend, I'll keep today's post short and sweet, but the blog tour contest is still up and running all the same! I'll continue with my all-telling posts on Monday, 7th. 

I had a mega chaotic week this week. I accepted FIVE freelance jobs from FIVE different companies. I couldn't say no. The money was drying up and I needed it. On top of that my blog tour started and I came down with the flu. But folks, I came out the other side alive (albeit a little frazzled). I've met my deadlines, and my stuffy head is easing up.

The house seems to be stagnant in slow motion, if that is at all possible, on this warm sunny Saturday morning. What I mean by that is, the atmosphere around my head seems to be without gravity. My brain isn't yelling at me today, and my heart isn't bashing its fists against my sternum, trying to get me to let it out of the torture chamber (my body). I have a feeling next week will be similar, minus the flu I hope, but at least I have this weekend to breathe a little. And, I'm looking forward to the Amazon Chart Rush!!! Woot!

Do you ever feel like the air around you drifts in slow motion after a frantic work week? Or do you carry the stress around with you the whole weekend? If the latter, what do you do to relax?


Contest details:

If you missed MONDAY'S POST, here're the basics:
  • You read the line in the title and guess which page it appears in String Bridge. (people who have read the book can not compete, sorry!)
  • You write your guess in the comments.
  • On Friday November 11th, the Amazon Chart Rush day, I'll announce the winner. The winner will be the person who first guesses a number CLOSEST to the page a line falls on (page 1-288). If you guess and comment on all TEN lines (from Nov 1st - 10th) you'll have ten chances at winning the prize.

Participating in my blog tour today is the following magnificent and unique individual.

The Secret Writer ~ (Review) This amazing blogger has done so much for me, and I really hope he knows how much I appreciate it! He has had me on his blog THREE times over the last week or so. WOW. What amazing support. Thank you so much, Calum!

Don't forget about the Amazon Chart Rush on November 11!

Not going to be around on the 11th? Purchase String Bridge now via Lucky Press, LLC.


  1. I so hope you're feeling better - health is everything. And for mental health with stress, I go for a long walk and laugh for no reason.

    Page 100!

  2. Fresh air and rest my dear....that will help to settle things down. I remember when I worked I always had a headache on the weekend. It usually took me all weekend to heal enough to go back to work.
    Page 75

  3. Glad the flu and stress are lifting but try this to help. Go to the local market, pick a victim and when they are not looking add some expensive item to their cart. :)

    Jokes always make me feel better. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. A really hard sleep will do that to me. Once the work is done and I've slept long, everything settles.
    Glad you are feeling better!

  5. there's nothing better than some nice freelance job :)
    Hope the situation in Greece is getting better, we've been following it here in brotherly Serbia :(

  6. I'm ready for November 11th! :)

  7. Get better asap! x

    I am lucky I do not have such pressures on my shoulders. Well done for getting through the week.

  8. I hope you feel better soon, My daughter was confined to bed with flu last week,.
    Take care and rest.

  9. hi miss jessica! yikes! you got the flu just when you got so much your doing. maybe it you telling you to slow down some. i hope you could feel better real quick. for me when im sick or got lots of stress on my i just go asleep and have cool dreams.
    ...big hugs from lenny

  10. Hi Jess .. just hope things are easing - working like a bat out of hell is mighty difficult if you're fighting the bugs .. look after yourself and well done for succeeding and finishing last week .. cheers Hilary

  11. I hate carrying the stress from the week into the weekend so I use Friday as the transition between work week and weekend. Have a glass of wine, maybe watch a movie or soak in a tub - unwind so the rest of the weekend can be enjoyed.

  12. I like your choice of photo for this post!

    I just realised, while looking for the interview post I have of you, that it posted with the wrong date on it! (31 Oct, the date I WROTE the post, and not 2 Nov, the date I published the post) I'm really sorry about that, especially if people were unable to find the post because of that... (though it would have just been one post under...)

    Sorry you had a frazzled week. But you know what they say about stuff that doesn't kill us ;-)

  13. Thanks for your kind comments Jessica! I wish you well with 'String Bridge'!


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