Wednesday 9 November 2011

I catch myself playing air-guitar as if it were a common reflex.

Me at 16, setting up a stage in my back yard
to play at my own birthday party.
I have to admit. I did want to be a rock star once. It was my first "dream," but that dream, I think was environmental. Yes, my parents were musos and music was around me each and every single day. It was only natural to think that that's what I wanted.

But I reached a point where I couldn't understand why I didn't care whether I'd be a successful musician or not. My peers would constantly tell me that I was wasting my talent not to use it. But I found something that I was more passionate about and wanted to succeed in. On my own. Writing.

Funny now that writing has made me cherish my ability to write and perform music, isn't it? Now that I've linked it to my writing, it feels so much more worth the effort. Now, I think I can finally find some satisfaction from it other than the private thrill and therapeutic qualities it evokes when I play in my bedroom. Oooh. That sounded kinda rude, didn't it? Well ... get your minds out of the gutter ...

Don't get me wrong. I loved music. I needed music. But now that I need writing, I need music even more. The two work together now. And I'm so excited to see where this is going to take me.

Do you have any interdisciplinary skills that bounce off each other to thrive? If so, what are they? If not, what sort of secondary skill would you like to have?

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Angela Felsted ~ (Review/Interview) I reviewed her AMAZING poetry chapbook CLEAVE, not long ago. You really ought to check it out. It's a masterpiece.

"I am a writer, musician, and poet. My husband teases that I'm a jack of all trades, but I don't fight him over the lawn mower."

Christine Danek ~ (Review) One of the sweetest ladies on the web. And I mean "lady" :o)

"I am a wife, stay at home mom, interior designer and aspiring author. Most of my time is spent chasing monsters around my house that for some reason call me 'mom'. The rest of my time is spent writing. I'm currently working on three novels, two are in revisions and one is in first draft mode. I write young adult novels that usually have some sort of science fiction or paranormal element and I'm loving every minute of it."

Clarissa Draper ~ (Review) Though a mystery author this magnificent lady has the taste buds for all sorts of genres. Can't wait to hear what she thinks. And I really can't wait to read her novels!

"I write mysteries. I'm a spy. One is true. Don't know which. Can't tell you either."

Jill Kemerer ~ (Interview) You've gotta love Jill's "5 easy questions" posts every week. So great to be in one!

"Jill Kemerer writes inspirational romance novels. Coffee fuels her mornings; chocolate, her afternoons. A former electrical engineer, she now enjoys a healthy addiction to magazines, fluffy animals, and her hilarious family. She is a member of ACFW and RWA and also serves as vice-president of MVRWA. Jill is represented by Rachel Kent of Books & Such Literary Agency."

Laura M. Campbell ~ (Review) SPOILERS ALERT! Fellow freelance writer! Go get some tips! ;o)

"I'm a writer of mystery and the macabre with strong, yet flawed female protagonists. Here in the blogosphere, I connect with new and old writing buddies. It keeps me social and immersed in the writing world."

Melissa Sarno ~ (Interview) In which I talk about the idea that women have to make sacrifices for their family but men don't. Grrr ...

"Writer and producer for a toy company by day. Aspiring fiction writer by night. I love food, wine, biking in Brooklyn, musicals, and plays. Here you'll find musings on writing and books, among other things. I hope you join in the conversation."

Samantha Verant ~ (Review) This gorgeous gal live in France and I can't wait to meet her there one day. I mean, we're not that far away from each other, actually :-/

"Self proclaimed princess. Aspiring authoress. Mildly neurotic, but not dangerous. Unless you touch my frog. Wait. That sounds weird. If I haven't scared you off... stick around! In addition to life, love, living in France, and all things Francophile, I'll share some thoughts on what it's like to become an "instant mother figure" to a ten and a thirteen-year-old. And, yeah, there's also that whole "writing thang," too. psst: I'm represented by Stephanie DeVita of Dystel & Goderich."

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  1. Loved the photo, you have talent for both music and writing long may it continue.


  2. I can draw a little, very little, as well as paint, but since I've been writing, I wish I were better at it.

  3. You got a real healthy attitude to music. You didn't want to use it for what you could get from it, and now you're back with it again simply because you appreciate it so much. Sounds like the perfect life-long friendship.

    Page 140!

  4. I'd never guessed that was you with blonde hair! I wouldn't say I have something like the ability to write music to accompany my writing. But that would be cool!

  5. Got my post up! I'm seeing you everywhere around the blogging community. Hope all is well.

  6. I've always wanted to be able to play the guitar, but I fear that my short, fat fingers will keep me from that. :)

    I am not computer savvy in the least, but I'm learning and hope to one day be able to design my own site, create my pod casts, etc.

  7. Love the photo....
    page 50

  8. I'm not musically-incline, at all. In fact, I can't even write with music playing because it disrupts my thoughts. (Though, recently I created a Miles Davis station on Pandora and the jazz soothes me like a sip of cognac. Maybe because it's mostly instrumental? Anyhow, that's been working for me.) I am pretty creative on every other front, though, and my love for painting, sketching, textile art, and cooking/baking definitely heighten my writing, often in surprising (to me) ways.

    Love that picture of you! Gorgeous!

  9. A little envious of your dual talent for writing and music. That really ought to be triple talent - poetry is an art of its own -- kind of a bridge between music and writing.

    Best of luck!

  10. I think it's so cool how you've managed to combine the two. I don't really have any two talents that bounce and feed off eachother. Except maybe my writing and capacitiy for day-dreaming:)

  11. Wow! That's YOU?

    I'm quite athletic and I've found running really helpful to keep my mind ticking over.

  12. I think it's wonderful that the two things you love so much work well together. If I could have a secondary skill, I would wish to be artistic. It would be awesome to be an author/illustrator. :)

  13. I play a mean Freebird air-guitar solo!! :)

  14. I love the picture! And I don't know if I have something the interconnects quite so well, but my sports playing inspires my writing (and that doesn't mean I write about sports). :)

  15. I've always loved horses and used to want to train them for a living... now writing is my primary focus, but horses are going to be featured in one of my forthcoming books. So, I know what you mean :)

  16. I recently took up photography as a hobby and while I'll never be a pro, I find that writing and photography go hand-in-hand and can be substituted for one another when I'm feeling particularly creative.


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