Monday 7 November 2011

I drag my fingers over a row of toddler-sized zebras like a schoolboy bouncing his hand along a stranger’s picket fence.

Me 'n' mah kitteh ...
I loved my toys as a kid. But I wasn't really a big fan of dolls. I liked the stuffed cuddly kind, especially the ones that looked like animals.

I used to pretend that they were real and coming to me for comfort. I'd stroke them and pat them and whisper in their ears how much I loved them. Ha! I still do that, except now I have a real dog to stroke and pat and whisper sweet nothings to.

I did have a couple of cats, called Socks and Charlie, when I was really young, but they either ran away, or got run over, or something ... can't remember. I even had a canary at one point. But I let it out of its cage to play. Then I had a goldfish, which died a few days after I purchased it because I kept scooping it out of the water to kiss. Then I just got more toys. Toys didn't die.

All my toys are now in the hands of other children. I hope. They all went into the Salvation Army bin when I moved to Greece. But I think about them sometimes. I especially think about the HUGE white dog which was taller than me at the time. If I saw him now, I think he'd probably reach my knees.

What kinds of toys did you have as a kid? Is there any particular one you always think about, or even better, kept?

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  1. Adorable photo.

    My toy trucks were put in the shed, and when my nephew found them he jumped up and down and said, "LOOK! OLD TOYS!" I bet the toys had been waiting for that for years.

    Page 57!

  2. Jessica, you're just amazing with all the stuff you're getting done.

    Stuff from my childhood? I've got book stashed away somewhere, a few pictures, but no toys.

  3. That's great you donated them all. My kids won't let go of any of them and still want more! Ack.

  4. SO cute! Yes, and the kitten too. I had a bunch of dolls that I had sitting on my dresser. One night I SWORE I could see their mouths moving. I got up, knocked them to the floor and then kicked them into the closet. I never played with them again. Years later, my mother threw them out when we moved from NY. I coulda cared less about those evil dolls. ;)

  5. Cute picture. I had a doll that I loved. A neighbor was determined to break it and he did. Sigh. Great you donated everything. I try to with my daughter's toys too.

  6. I had a tin car, a bit like this one in design but not as posh. One of its front wheels was bent at an angle and so you couldn't drive it. I wish I still had that. The only toy car I salvaged from my parents' house after their deaths was a horsebox: this one actually.

  7. I'm cracking up at the goldfish kisses! That just made my morning!

  8. The toy I remember most is the one I didn't get! LOl I wanted so badly this horse that was battery operated and had one of those black Christmas moments when it wasn't under the tree!

  9. I still have a stuffed red elephant that was given to me by my grandmother for my first Christmas. I was 6 months old. Ellie has gone everywhere with me and carries the scars of being well loved. When I die I want her cremated with me because I can't bear the thought of her being tossed in the garbage.

  10. I don't have any of my old toys...trucks, tanks, farm equipment, dolls, wagons, sad....
    page 15

  11. I love that photo!! I was a stuffed animal freak, and to me, they were all real. :)

  12. I was a stuffed animal and not dolls gal, too! I used to build them houses (usually by setting up other toys for walls and such), or make them furniture out of kleenex boxes... My only real requirement was that they were SOFT.

  13. OMG, I almost choked on my coffee reading about your goldfish kisses. I LOVE all of my fish, but I struggle with TOUCHING them, let alone trying to kiss them. Great post, fish lips :-P And you were freaking adorable as a kidlet. <3

  14. Nice photo. What a cute and sweet child!

    Not sure what happened to all my toys as a child.

    I had a soft brown animal. It might have been a squirrel, but I cuddled it tightly in bed each night. I never had very many dolls, but I wanted more dolls just like my play-mates.

    I went and bought myself a big doll some years back to make up for the loss of having dolls, and maybe to remember childhood and my Mum who had passed at the time.

    Have a fun tour with your book. I wish you lots of success!

  15. That cute picture makes me all giggly. Adorable! Will check out all these posts! Exciting! Oh, and I had dolls. Dolls and stuffed animals were my favorite.

  16. I loved your photo on this post, Jess! :) I had a doll called Caroline when I was a little girl. She was eventually given away to a cousin far away. She was returned to me after many years, broken. It was a sad story of my childhood....maybe I'll write a blog post about it one day :)

  17. That photo is adorable!

    All my old toys are still in my childhood bedroom of my parent's summer place. It's fun when we visit and my kids pull out the same stuff I used to play with.

  18. That's the cutest photo ever! I still do that to my cat now and I'm 27, ha!

    My Mom gave me some of her Barbies so I kept my favourites and if I have a daughter, I will give them to her some day.

  19. omg--I have almost the exact picture of me about that age "loving" a poor kitty to death in a similar way... that clutch around the middle. Must be instinctive. :D

    I wasn't much for dolls either as a kid. I was a Barbie girl, but nothing's stayed with me through now. Wait! My mom did save some of my Raggedy Anne dolls for my daughters. They have them now. :o) <3


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