Monday 14 November 2011

As much as I don’t like to admit it, 1980s pop-culture lines my veins like milk to an acidic stomach.

Me (right) and a very good friend of mine,
Caitlin, (we're still in touch!) on a  "period" fancy
dress day during our high school graduation.
Obviously I chose the 80s :o)
So yeah. By the time I was at an age to start appreciating music and wanting to buy my own albums it was well into the late 80s. The very first album I bought was in the form of a cassette (I wish it had been vinyl!) and it was Kylie Minogue's debut, which featured the hit, I Should Be So Lucky.

Despite my parents rocking out their heavy, politically-minded 80's gothic rock, such as THIS, I obviously wanted to rebel. But rebelling against rock gods for parents meant becoming a "square". Yep.

I was into glittering pink and red sequined dresses and artists such as Martika and The Bangles and Bananarama and Technotronic and Cyndi Lauper and Alannah Miles and Paula Abdul and Madonna and Prince and Melissa Etheridge and Belinda Carlisle and and, breathe ... yep.

I still have a soft spot them too. My tummy goes all mushy when I hear them and I immediately think back to the days I'd block out my parents' music with my Walkman up loud sitting inside a little cubby house I'd make with kitchen chairs and sheets. (Yikes. That was a long sentence! :o) 

Ah ... those were the days ...

What was the first album you ever bought?

PS: If you missed reading about the Amazon Chart Rush results you can do so by clicking HERE. Plus there is an update from this morning there too. I'm ranked even higher in the UK charts now, thanks to you all!!!

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Amie McCracken ~ (Review) This lovely lady checked String Bridge for typos in its last stages of editing :o)

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Amy Saia (Review) Another fellow writer/musician who has inspired me in many ways!

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Robyn Campbell ~ (Interview) I which I reveal my guilt reading pleasures.

"I was born and raised in South Florida. South Miami and the Keys."

Sheri Larsen ~ (Character Interview) The main character of my novel, Melody, is being interviewed here today. Check it out to see who first inspired her musically. This stuff is NOT in the book, but is a part of her backstory. :o)

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  1. 80s music makes me so nostalgic. So many memories! I still like the Bangles.

  2. I know he’s well and truly blotted his copybook but facts are facts: the first LP I ever bought was Touch Me by Garry Glitter in 1974. And just while we’re on that subject, the first single I ever bought was ‘Born with a Smile on my Face’ by Stephanie de Sykes, written by Brian May, the guy who wrote the theme to Eastenders.

  3. I think the first album I bought was also on cassette--by the band Yes, I believe. Wow. The memories.

  4. When someone dresses up in period clothing to represent when you went to high school, you know you're getting old.

  5. The first album I bought was The Monkees. My, how embarrassing! *grin*

  6. Bob Marley and the Wailers, Legend. And yes mine was a cassette tape too.

  7. LOL! Now come on. Some of those guys were actually pretty good. Cyndi Lauper? Girl can Sing! :D

    Hmm... I don't even remember my first album. I think it was one of those little vinyl singles, and it was probably Duran Duran. *snort* <3

  8. Congrats on your chart rush success Jessica.

    First album... Hmm. I think it would have been something by Queen.

  9. I am enjoying your posts into the past, and glad you include photos! First album I bought was Meet the Beatles. I was 14 and completely in love with John and Paul. Ringo was cute too. And who was that other guy? LOL.

  10. My first album? I am not sure. And I think I might date myself if I ventured a guess, lol. :)

  11. Martika! Now that brings back memories. As for the first album, hmm. I want to say Wham! Not sure I should be admitting that!

  12. Bachman-Turner-Overdrive's NOT FRAGILE. Oh how I loved that album! I literally wore it out!! :)

  13. First album? Crap, probably something lame from the 70's. With my luck, Peter Frampton or someone like that. Not that he's really lame, it just hurts my metal head image.

  14. Jessica, I laughed when I read this post! My parents were so crazy crunchy that I rebelled by joining a sorority in college. First album I bought...I think it was Madonna, Like a Virgin.

  15. I am so different it is almost bizarre. My first album was Scheherade done by Rimsky-Korsakov. So I could close my eyes and imagine my own story set to the music of "Sinbad's Ship Goes To Pieces On The Rocks."

    I still compose scenes, listening to music I think goes with the moment described. Funny, right?

    Everyone, living and undead, at Meilori's is looking forward to your performance there tomorrow, Roland

  16. Love the photo of you in the Peter Max-colored clothes. You may find some humor in the fact that the word "Lucky" was in your first purchased album/cassette and that today I am wearing a blue top, black sweater, brown/blue/pink paisley skirt and blue leggings with black socks and I also had a scarf around my neck at one point today. I am not rebelling at my parents, or remembering the 80s (when I HAD CHILDREN, egads!) but rebelling against my memory which has lost my favorite pair of slacks, what I wear most of the time, and I am waiting for new corduroys to arrive via the postman.

    I am signing this anonymously (If possible). Keep up the good work. You are one-of-a-kind but also have universal appeal and a compassionate heart and talented mind. This is rare, so nurture it and be kind to you.

    OK, not possible to be anonymous. Oh well, I will be brave instead!

  17. Oh heavens…first album. Definitely was Swan Lake. But once I got to high school: Arlo Guthrie, Jonathon Edwards, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell, Billy Holiday, Jimi Hendrix, Elmore James. I had an electric upbringing… there was also Mitch Miller and Burl Ives. My sisters were products of the 60s, so I had all the 50s and 60s music from them as well.

  18. I loved all the same artists as you way back then... My first album was also a cassette and it was Madonna's Like a Virgin and I bought it with my pocket money at the K-mart in Forster, country NSW!

  19. Pretty sure mine was a cassette too & Prince was my man. Favorite song...Housequake. Still love it.

  20. Didn't buy them, but my first two albums I got for Xmas 95, Blur and Oasis. So in the great Britpop battle I was on both sides. Blur ended up being the clear winner for me though, I don't like to sit on the fence! Nice to meet you.

  21. Hey, I clicked over to your stats - major congratulations! Girl, you've got a winner here that could be turned into a movie. Yay, Jess!

  22. First full blown album I bought was Will Smith - Willennium. Luckily, I made the switch to heavy metal not too long after and haven't looked back, hehe.

  23. Spot on. Love the Aussie influence. Living in the 70's (Skyhooks) was the first LP I purchased. Best wishes.

  24. Music is a wonderful thing Jessica, My era was The Sixties, but know much of the eighties because my children were blasting it out hour after hour,
    Loved the post, most enjoyable read.


  25. The first album I ever bought was NEVERMIND by Nirvana. I still have that same copy too. I was 11 when I bought it!


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