Saturday 21 April 2012

#AtoZchallenge: Elliot Smith & Sonic Youth

WINNER #09: Congratulations MAURICE MITCHELL! Send me an email to let me know which album of mine you want and I'll send you a download link.

I listened to this song over and over after I broke up with my very first love. (who, funnily enough looked a lot like Matthew MacNish in that profile pic of his with the cigarette hanging out of his mouth). Oh, did I cry and cry and cry and cry. And I was the one who did it!!! So, this song makes me feel nostalgic for the kind of love that is innocent, but oh so dramatic. Isn't everything always dramatic as a teen?

Okay, I was a BIT late to the party on these guys. I didn't get into them until my early twenties. But when I did, I was OBSESSED. So obsessed that the album, Goo, didn't leave my car stereo for over a year. It's what I listened to on the way to work every single day (the year before I moved to Greece, actually). I remember very clearly, how it would always end up on the same song at a specific set of lights. The song I've embedded below. And there was always this really cute window cleaner there at this time of day. I would let him wash my windscreen every single time. And we'd kinda flash flirting looks at each other. We never exchanged a single word the entire time.

Don't forget to drop by Dawn Ius' blog, my partner in crime, to see her music pick for S.

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  1. trekking your blog!!! cool! thanks for sharing the challenge! :-)


  2. Oh! I had flirtations with cute window washer once, too - but I bet I was listening to SKID ROW :-P xo

  3. Cool! I'll take your album Solo. Sonic Youth I've heard of, Smith I had not! Good acoustic sound and a raw energy in his voice.
    @Dawn good one Lol

  4. I don't miss that drama that went with being a teenager one bit, but I can still get caught up in the feelings that went with certain songs from long ago. Music is the greatest memory trigger of all.


  5. I was hoping Matthew had commented already so I could see what he had to say about the resemblance!

  6. Oh, teen love! Isn't it funny how music can get so embedded in your brain that it always bring you back to a certain time in your life? So cool.

  7. Congratulations to Maurice.

    Big fan of Sonic Youth. Wish I could listen to the audio, but I'm at work. I'll have to come back later.


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