Friday 27 April 2012

#AtoZChallenge: X

These guys, as well as Sonic Youth, make me wish I was born at least a decade earlier so I could have been a teen in their prime. I was definitely born into this world too late. Definitely was meant to be a punk. Yep. Definitely. Someone in charge of the universe made a really terrible mistake. I think they put the wrong brain in the wrong head and attached it to the wrong body.

X was an Australian punk band formed in the late 70s, which I was a little obsessed with in my late teens, during the time I was obsessed with Sonic Youth. Yeah, I know. Late to the party again.

I was introduced to these guys one night when my parents took me to one of their (last?) gigs. My parents knew them personally. Not sure how well. But as far as I can remember, they seemed to get on pretty well. I think I saw them in a pub in St Kilda, can't remember which one. I can't even remember how old I was. It's strange that when I think back to going to that gig I feel like I was really small, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't. Or ... maybe I'm not.

Have you got any memories where you can't gauge how old you were?

Don't forget to drop by Dawn Ius' blog, my partner in crime, to see her music pick for X.

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  1. What a punk sound! I didn't know about them. Makes sense that there'd be a band called "X".

  2. I figured you'd have to go obscure. I've never heard of these guys, but punk is pretty cool.

  3. I am so lame, I didn't even know X were Australian!!!!!! ;)

  4. Oh! I can see how you'd be obsessed with them! Very cool sound. Kudos for finding an "X' band you REALLY like :-D xo

  5. Yes - my entire life before I met my wife. It's all a blur.


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