Wednesday 25 April 2012

#AtoZChallenge: Veruca Salt

Oh my gosh! The song below is one of THE best songs ever. But you know what? I was VERY late on the bandwagon with these gals.

I'd heard them on the radio, etc, in the 90s. They were played at all the parties I attended. But I was too busy being cool with the boys, such as Smashing Pumpkins, Regurgitator, Nine Inch Nails, and Rage Against The Machine, to really notice them. It wasn't until my mid 20s that I dug out this record and pumped up the volume, and thought, jeez, where was my head? (I guess you can imagine, being a teen and all ...)

These gals ROCK!

Any bands/musicians that bloomed a little late on your taste buds?

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  1. These gals certainly do rock. I came to them late as well, but I got there and have loved them ever since. I love female rockers!

  2. Very good song. Veruca Salt is an excellent name.

  3. Veruca Salt sounds like a Harry Potter name. Nice rock and she had a great voice.

  4. Love this song. They always remind me of Luscious Jackson, and The Breeders.

  5. Wow. Now I feel really old!
    Great band.

  6. It took until the letter "V" but we actually have the same choice! I am so excited. LOL time we see each other, we'll just listen to Veruca Salt. xo

  7. How could anyone NOT love a band called Veruca Salt!?!

  8. Not a lot of rockin' women out there, darn it. I like them.


  9. I actually came late to the Pumpkins. I mean, i knew a few songs, but didn't develop my full blown love for them until i was in college, in the early 00s (the aughts? Can we call them that?)

  10. Mine was the Meat Puppets. I got an album because of their one hit, and didn't think much of the rest of their songs. After five years or so I listened again and realized just how good the whole disc was. They don't rock like Veruca Salt, but quite good nonetheless.

  11. I liked Bush in the 90's but just recently started buying their albums (old and newest). So yes, late bloomer on that!

    I call my kids Veruca if they are acting spoiled or say "I want." Of course I mean Veruca Salt, the literary character, and not the band. :)

  12. Hi Jess .. she may have a great voice and they may be a great band - but whereonearth did the name come from .. ?! Great sound .. I even enjoyed it! Cheers Hilary


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