Tuesday 10 April 2012

#AtoZchallenge: Iggy Pop

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Iggy Iggy Iggy, can I be totally honest with you? I'm not a big fan. In fact, I just did not know any other artist that started with I. But you know what? I was a lucky duck, because I absolutely LOVE the song The Passenger. I mean ... LURVE the song. And um *cough* I did not know it was by you *cough*. So looks like I'm a fan after all, huh?

Are there any songs that you love but haven't registered yet who they are by? Or have I just totally embarrassed myself?

Don't forget to drop by Dawn Ius' blog, my partner in crime, to see her music pick for I.

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  1. Ohhh! I didn't know he did "The Passenger" either - learning something new from you every day. Thanks for the blog Jess, keep it up

  2. LOL, I didn't know he sang this either!

  3. I like this song and "Lust for Life".

  4. I had never heard this before. I guess we are all passengers on good old Mother Earth.

  5. You can't judge a book by its cover??? Actually didn't mind this at all, and to be totally honest, I didn't think I liked Iggy's stuff either. Perhaps I listened to a couple of his songs (or saw a couple of music clips) that really didn't do it for me and I never considered looking/listening after that.

  6. I have never heard this song or any song by Iggy. But thanks for the introduction.

  7. Finally, someone I know. BUT I didn't know this was his song either! HA!

  8. Everyone loves Iggy these days, almost part of the establishment

  9. I should like Iggy Pop. I mean, I like all of the other artists that Amazon would recommend if I purchased one of his albums.

    My favorite "I" artists are The Incredible String Band and The Innocence Mission.

  10. I am mentioned in the same post as Iggy Pop? Wow! That is a double honor! :)

    Thanks so much.


  11. Funny, the only I artist I can think of is also one that I only like 1 song by... Incubus "Warning." I think I am just sold on the frogs.

  12. Oh Iggy, can I be honest with you? I don't really like you, either :-P Not even that song. :-) Okay...maybe that song a little. xo

  13. Not a big fan of Iggy, either. I do remember mistaking a really great Daughtry tune for Nickelback. They sounded the same to me at the time. :)

  14. Wow! You smell talent a lot. A "must follow."

  15. I don't know most of Iggy's stuff, but he is a legend, nobody can deny that!

    As for songs I didn't know the authors of...um, I always thought "Werewolves of London" was by Van Morrison. haha


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