Friday 4 November 2011

Only true guitarists know that a quiet moment between human and guitar is the key to developing a bond.

This is me at five years old :o)
If you're a musician, you probably know what I'm talking about in the heading of this post. It's a quiet moment, like love at first sight, except instead of between two human beings, it's between human and instrument.

Funny thing is, I haven't ever really experienced it myself. Not as an adult, anyway. I've developed a connection to a guitar, sure, but only after playing it for a long period of time. Unfortunately, I've haven't fallen in love with one in an instant.

I saw that feeling sparkle in a friend's eyes once, back in Australia, when he was looking for a new bass guitar. And I was jealous! Why couldn't I feel like that? The only time I did, was when I was twelve. I spoke briefly about in my interview with Glynis (link below), but it hasn't ever happened since.

The guitar I fell in love with was my mother's twelve-string acoustic. When I moved to Greece, I sold it, because I really needed the money. How could I have just given my first true love a price tag and let it slip away? I don't know. But it's too late now to worry about it, and it isn't worth the effort to regret it. But I do often think about that guitar, and wonder whether the fingers pressing against its strings, love it as much I did. The guitar deserves a lover, because that guitar taught me what love is.

Have you ever fallen in love with an instrument? If so, do you still have it? What is it? If not, is there any material object that you value so much you would never want to part with?

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Deniz Bevan ~ (Review) Another review I'm very much looking forward to reading!

Author; my historical romance Out of the Water is out with betas, while I seek an agent for my MG historical fantasy The Face of A Lion. Happy writing!"

Glynis Smy ~ (Interview) In which I reveal the story behind writing my first ever song.

"I was born in the UK and now live in a rural village, on the Southern side of Cyprus. I am a writer. I write Historical Romance (with a twist). I have had articles published in magazines in the UK and Cyprus. There are two poetry books and a Children's book out there with my name and pen name (Nissi Peters) on. My poetry blog is listed on the Top 100 Poetry Blogs."

Mary ann Gacayan ~ (Review) This will be interesting as she is "very fussy" with adult fiction!

"Mary Ann grew up in Manila, Philippines and the youngest and only girl in three siblings. She started to crave for books when her friend Deavelle was reading the ‘Twilight’ series and also when her friend Carl asked her about ‘Hush Hush’. She hardly ever broke herself on books. She loves any contemporary YA Books or even paranormal ones but just became fussy when it comes to some adult books. When she can actually tear herself away from books, she enjoys bad reality TV, listening to music, and watching movies. She’s a self-professed insomniac, in which those times she daydream, and has a passion for all things wacky and hilarious. Now, Mary Ann currently resides in Bulacan – a beautiful province in The Philippines- and soon to be an IT student. When she’s already profitable, she wishes to own a bookstore and have a self-made book."

Rosie Connolly ~ (Interview) In which I talk about how I developed the four-year-old girl's character when I don't have kids.

"The left half of my brain is trying to suppress the creativity of the right half, while the right half of my brain is trying to suppress the order of the left. It makes for one disoriented life. As a writer of light Urban Fantasy, I tend to write extended, multi-volume works. I also dabble in drabbles and short stories when the mood strikes."

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  1. My wife gave me a sunburst Epiphane Les Paul. It looks just like the one Slash is playing on the back sleeve of his biography. It's gorgeous, and I also have an Ergodyne 5-string bass. Neither have been getting the attention they deserve lately though :(

  2. I can't say I love my guitars, but I do like them very much. I can't really play much anymore since I shattered my fretting hand playing football about five years ago, but I still hang onto my guitars for some reason. I have one Fender Stratocaster and two Paul Reed Smith Custom 24-frets that are lovely works of art in themselves.

  3. I'm not musical in any way, although I always wanted to be. I love that picture :-)

  4. Oh my GOD! THAT is the cutest photo I've ever seen...and so telling. Was that your mom's? Obviously you don't need a musical instrument to feel emotion...your inner vibrations are your own unique instrument that play out in your spirit. Me? I've never been attached to anything material...I've learned they all get taken away eventually...or rust.

  5. Love this! I think my hubz (bass player extraordinaire) might get this!!!

  6. The guitar deserves a lover, because that guitar taught me what love is.

    You gotta use that in a book.

    As for instruments, I remember a particular fondness for a kazoo.

    Page 124!

  7. I had a guitar once, but I think I was more in love with the idea of being a guitar player than the guitar itself. Unfortunately my fingers were too short and frustration forced me to give it up.

    That picture of you with the guitar is really cute! Loving this blog tour!

  8. I still have my eletric bass. It wasn't very good when I bought it (but I was very proud of it). It's now rusty form disuse, but I couldn't imagine getting rid of it. It represents the dreams I once had. I still have dreams, they're just different. But one thing they both have in common, creativity drives them both (along with my photography).

  9. It was great to read a little of your background to music, Jessica.

    I am not musical, but my pride and joy is my grandmother's cabinet. It was full of her 'treasures' when I was a child. Now it is full of mine. I packed it and shipped it over as I could not imagine it not being in my life.

    Have fun on your tour! x

  10. My Dad played the harmonica (by ear) and so I grew up with harmonica music in the house every evening. I fell in love with his old Chromatic and I still have it (as well as all the others). When I hold that old Chromatic I feel the music in it and I can hear Dad playing it. I would never part with it.

  11. I never fell in love with an instrument, but I did play the flute and piano in grade school. Let's just say I never really liked to practice either one...My Mom told me I might regret dropping my lessons. She was right. :)

  12. OMG that photo! I played the trombone in school, but I always kind of hated it.

  13. Is it weird that I've always wanted to fall in love with an instrument and have that connection? Sadly, I have not had the pleasure. I thought when I was younger, maybe the violin, but the band at my school didn't have a strings section, so I had to settle for the flute. No love there.

    Great to no more about you. That picture is precious.

  14. I love my violin. It's a piece of crap and i rarely play it anymore, but i don't think i'd ever sell it if i had a choice

  15. I can't sing or play, unfortunately, but I do know the look you mean - DH (who's the force behind Whisky Trench Riders) had it, in a random music store in Wilmington, NC, and so we had to buy the guitar :-)

  16. Awww, cute pic!!!!!

    Alas, I'm not musically talented, but I did ride horses quite seriously for many years. It's nice to "become one" with the horse you're riding. It can be a concert all of its own when you're in synchrony.

  17. I've played and owned several instruments over the years, but my first electric guitar just glowed, and yes I still own it.

  18. not me personally, no. But my father has had many a 'lover' in the guitar department. He still talks about certain guitars he wished he never sold. That and his first car. LOL

  19. I played the clarinet in high school an college. Sadly, I don't play it anymore.

  20. I have not fallen in love with an instrument, but I have fallen in love with many who play instruments :-D

  21. Not an instrument-- but certainly the girls that I sing with! (=

  22. I had piano lesson from the age of four, passed many examinations then at 16 I decided I wanted to play the pop of the day ( much to mums concern) When I met my husband at 17 I finished altogether.I do regret it as music has been with me all my life.

    Loved your post today Jessica,

  23. That picture of you at 5 with the guitar is awesome. I am in love with my camera...I joke it is my baby since I don't have kids. Have a great weekend! Oh p.s. I got your book in the mail today!!! yay.


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