Tuesday 9 March 2010

Big bundle of bullets!

The birth of this bustling day began with an hour-long bus battle to deliver a receipt to a company I work for. The thrilling thing about this, though, was that I found a seat and was able to get stuck into The Boy With the Striped Pyjamas. Beautiful book. I found the film on the net not long ago and fell in love with it. It's so simply written, that the boy's innocence just oozes out of the paper.

Anyway, more tackling of teacher's notes today. Not nice. But I did pick up a package from the post office. Big bundle of chocolate bullets sent for my birthday all the way from back home - Melbourne, Australia. Brilliant!

Still got a sieve for a brain, it seems, so no more memoir snippets been written yet. Perhaps I'll finally find a teeny bit of time tomorrow seeing as I shall be staying home sweet home.


  1. Oh! Now I want to read about this boy and his pyjamas. Your description is lovely.

    Now, more importantly--these chocolate bullets: is this a cute name for them, or are they really, actually, sharp, pointy objects made of chocolate? (Do they come with a chocolate gun?) I can almost imagine a candy shop (perhaps the one I, Gatekeeper, little girl drooling) with a chocolate machine gun that loads up sundaes and other ice cream treats with their chocolate from across the room. Perhaps the ice cream is red (strawberry or cherry) in concentric, target-like circles, and the owner of the shop will shoot at these as a sort of demonstration. It can be like the desserts that are set aflame at the table--only cooler.

    I think I rather like this idea.

    Hope this finds you well.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your idea about machine gunning the sundaes, Gatekeeper. That sounds awesome! And yes, in answer to your question, they are technically called 'bullets' and they do look like little bullet-sized bullets, but they are chocolate coated licorice and so yummy that I'm making myself sick nibbling them right now! I'm very well, Gatekeeper, thanks for asking :) You sound nice and chirpy today. You must have an exciting night planned!

  3. Why, yes, I do, A.A.! It involves nothing so awesome as licorice coated in chocolate (also, why is it that Aussies have the best licorice?) but hefeweizens will do. :)

  4. I'm afraid I can't answer that :( all I know is that they HAVE it. Here in Greece it doesn't even exist. I have to delegate regular shipments of goodies from my relos down-under :)


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