Thursday 18 March 2010

Kuriosity NEARLY Killed the Kitty!

'Meow', 'Meow' ... Can I hear a cat? Where is that coming from? I open the front door and in walks a cute little white and ginger kitty, with one blue and one brown eye, and runs round our apartment like it owns the place. She finds a nice comfy place under our couch and sits there for a while, I give her milk and a couple of dog crunchies. Then Holly, my dog, who could kill a cat in an instant, spots her ...through the window. 'BARK! BARK! BANG! BANG' Chaos ...


  1. Wait, so what happened to the kitty? Did she become dog chow? ;-)

  2. Wait, so what happened to the kitty? Did she become dog chow? ;-)

  3. Luckily my partner got her back out of the front door just in time! It was close!

  4. That's so funny! I have a good friend whose home seems to attract every animal in the neighborhood, even though she already had two of her own. There was a cat that was constantly trying to sneak in, and her next door neighbor had a duck who was often seen waddling across her yard. Ha, ha!

    Glad to hear kitty is okay!

  5. Yeah, sounds about right. Cats always think they own the place. They're like little girls... Ha!

  6. hahaha, Elana, that is so true :)


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