Tuesday 23 March 2010

My Dalmatian Doggiewoggie

For lack of literary ideas today, I've decided to talk about my dalmatian doggie called Holly, a.k.a. Holly Bolly Wallywood. At night, I sometimes wonder if she thinks we change her name to 'ON YOUR BED!' Holly holds a huge place in my heart. She can do high-fives, and she's always weady with the hugs when I need them. Everyday's a 'Hollyday', for her. She lays lazily, whenever she wants. Gets to play ball whenever she wants. I would wuv to be a doggiewoggie, wouldn't you?


  1. So cute! My daughter would love to have a dalmatian. :-)

  2. Wow, friends of mine had a dalmation also called Holly. Their son won her in a Christmas drawing at school, so that's how she got her name. She was a very sweet dog.

    We have a yellow lab mix named Sammy. She's a sweetie, but got into it with a skunk a few weeks ago.

  3. ...at last, a dalmation NOT named Spot. Well done.

  4. Shannon: Thanks! Yes, I think she's adorable.

    Mary: Yes. I wanted a lab to begin with, but Spilios wanted a dalmatian. She's hard work, but SOOO worth it :)

    Elliot: Hahaha! You should see how smart people think they are in the street, when they say, 'Ohh look, the 102nd Dalmaian!' Urgh.


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